Last night Antonio and I attended the Bit Awards in the Tishman Auditorium at The New School in NYC where over 31 games were on show! The game devs were there to be celebrated for the sheer skill and talent (not to mention hours) that went into these amazing titles! After the jump, we’ll list the titles up for nomination, and the final winners of yesterday’s awards.

First up we met Ruffin Prentiss – TV voice actor and voice behind Marcus in Watch Dogs 2. He gave us some insight into what it was like for him working on his first game:

“There are so many elements that we take for granted. We’re here to celebrate the hours and hours and blood sweat and tears that help make games come to life”.

Without further ado, here are the titles and developers being celebrated for their hard work.

Rising Pixel Honoree:

Petrichor games – Ryan Canuel

Winner of the Rising Pixel award! Congrats Ryan!

The announcement came as no surprise: The creator of Slime-San is now helping publish games, and the publisher’s first supported title is Spirit Sphere DX – part tennis, part hack and slash adventure. Published by Fabraz

More about Slime-San

More about SpiritSphereDX

Next we were greeted by the enthusiasm of Colleen Macklin – Founder of PETLab (an associate professor at Parsons, and co-designer of Metagame$. She came on the stage to discuss the winner of the board game of the year and brought up her own game “Metagame”, in which players need to argue the point about the card’s directive. Two members of the audience were invited to play a round, and were given a free copy of the game for participating!

Nominees of best tabletop :

Biome Builder – by Killer Snails

San Ni Ichi – Ironmark games

Someone has Died – gather round games

The ultimate Clap back – Mot and Dot

University of Dope – Vance hall

The Winner: University of Dope by Vance Hall

A Debut of The Newest game from Goodnight Games:

Never Go Home – available 2018 –

Then, PlayCrafting’s founder and CEO Dan Butchko made his way on stage to discuss the Bit Awards and Playcrafting’s ongoing success.

PlayNYC has been confirmed for next summer! Very exciting!!

Best Student game award:


Awkward Date – Asterism Game Studio LLC

Black Emperor – BumbleBear games

Don’t Bite me bro! – MUIFWEGO

Don’t look away – EOS Interactive

Magic Masks – Magic masks team

Sumer – Studio Wumpus

The Winner: Sumer – Studio Wumpus- Congratulations!

Shown the latest from High Key Games

A beautiful first look at a music zone experience title – create, play and share music right in the game. – Sound Sky! We’ve gotta say, this looks pretty great!’

Best XR GAme:

(VR,AR,MR) – Virtual, Augmented, Mixed Reality game:


Clash of Magic – Narvalous

Fractal – Phosphene Designs

Panoptic – Team Panoptes

Paulo’s Wing – Angry Array and Blitzen Games

Tornado Tower – Dizzy Slugs

The Winner: Panoptic – Team Panoptes

Best Style Award:

Batbarian – Fredric Tarabout

Black Future 88 – Superscary snakes

Catty shack – eande games

Neon Wasteland – rob shields

Perception – deep end games

Yi & the thousand moons – David Su

Winner: Yi & the thousand moons

Mobile Game of the year:


Age of Rivals – Roboto Games

Battery Boy – Petrichor

Bouncy Smash – IV Studios

Calculator: the game – Simple machine

Mama Hawk – Computer lunch

Winner: Calculator: The Game

Rising Pixel Award: NYC – Granted to the Developer of the Ultimate Clap Back: Mary Martha Ford-Dieng

Mot and Dot – The Ultimate Clap Back – (link to the game)

A trailer premier for a brand new game: Neon Krieger Yamato – bit smasher – looks amazing!

The audience was then treated to a performance from Yi & the thousand moons, with the original score director and original piece.

A new premier – Next Up Hero! This game is something we’ve had our eye on for a long time, and we are so excited to see a new trailer! Expect this title to hit early access January 11th, 2018 – Soon to follow on Switch!

OHMYGOSH LUCIE POHL IS HERE! (Mercy voice actor – Overwatch) Mercy Main here.

Here to present the Player’s Choice award!


Black Emperor – BumbleBear games

Perception – deep end games

Slime-San – Fabraz

The ultimate Clap back – Mot and Dot

Triple Agent – Tasty Rook

University of Dope – Vance hall

The Winner: The Ultimate Clap back – Mot and Dot


A new trailer for Treasure Adventure World was shown off.

Game Changer Honoree: Warren Spector was honored – gave advice to devs and future devs:

“Never be satisfied with the way things are… Don’t settle. Artistry and Passion make a difference… All of you need to think of yourselves as agents of change. m. You can do whatever you want, so make things you want to play…Change things.” “Go make games that make people forget that my generation of games ever existed. Change the world”

Great advice Warren!

PC/Console game of the year award:


Black Future 88 – Superscary snakes

Heliophobia – glassknuckle games

Next up hero – digital continue

Perception – Deep End Games

Slime-San – Fabraz

Winner: Perception – Deep End Games

A very special congratulations from us here at Pixelrater! See you all next year! For more about the Bit awards, click here!

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