We don’t have long to go now! According to our handy countdown block, the days leading to Switch’s launch are now in the single digits. I already gave my impressions of the console after going hands-on with it as did our friends over at The Nintendo Power Couple. Everyone here at Pixelrater HQ has a system on reserve and the wait has been excruciating to say the least. At least we have fifteen games to look forward to. 

You may remember a while back, Tristan made an excellent Inside the NES Classic video. Well, the photos below are from someone who literally went inside the Nintendo Switch! Last week a handful of consoles were out in the wild illegally and one guy over on NeoGaf uploaded an unboxing video as well as a video showing the initial setup process and system menus. As you can imagine, he had to return the unit to Nintendo while the seller he bought it from faces criminal charges.

This unit came from China, likely off the assembly line, and has been disassembled for your viewing pleasure. At the moment, there doesn’t appear to be any surprise reveals from what I’ve seen and read. Regardless, the inside of electronics is always something I enjoy looking at, so check out the images for yourself.

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