I’ve attended Playcrafting events quite a few times here in New York after my buddy Bobby Canciello told me about it. The gist of Playcrafting is a gathering of devs from all over NY showing off their wares, networking with one another, learning tips and tricks, and getting attention. It’s a one-stop-shop for putting one’s gaming vision into pixels and then publishing those pixels to make money. I go there because there’s some really cool shit and some really cool people, and it’s a lot of fun to see games like Slime San go from being labors of love to getting published on mainstream consoles like PS4 and Nintendo Switch. I finally got to catch up and chat with Playcrafting’s CEO, Dan Butchko, and I have to say—he’s one interesting dude! We talk about how he started Playcrafting and what he’s excited for the public to see at his company’s first gaming expo here in New York, Play NYC. I also ask him about his favorite console of all time and his top three games—one of which is bound to turn heads and raise eyebrows! So strap in, because it’s a full half hour of geeky info and reveals!

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