Author: Daney Rivera

Illustrator, Gamer, Lesbian.

World of Warcraft Legion Review

World of Warcraft’s newest expansion, Legion, promises it’s players a new class, a huge amount of content, and higher approachability for those coming back to the game or starting for the first time. The real questions I have are – is it fun, is it enough content, and is it worth staying for? Before I […]

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Monster Hunter Generations SLAYS

I know it’s a simple gathering quest that I’ve taken on, but there seems to be something lurking nearby… I’m mining and gathering resources, always careful as I’m entering a new section of the map. I’m searching all around for unique mushrooms, my current quest item, and while doing so I’m picking off packs of […]

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SURPRISE! Overwatch Summer Games is HERE. Today, Blizzard announced a seasonal event for Overwatch called Summer Games, an olympic-inspired seasonal event, similar to seasonal events that have been released for games like World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm. Their own developers have pointed out many similarities between this Summer Games event and […]

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T-Mobile Announces Unlimited Data for Pokemon Go

T-Mobile announced today that they will have Unlimited Data available for their customers for use with Pokemon GO. Any current T-Mobile customer is eligible, as long as they download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app and claim the free gift, starting next Tuesday, July 19th. Opting into the free gift also makes you eligible to receive other […]

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The Magic Circle Review

When I went into playing The Magic Circle, I really hadn’t heard anything about it. I had watched the trailer, and had known it was based on an older game that was a point and click game. Basically at that point, all I knew was that this was a game about developers who were making […]

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Bravely Second Review

Bravely Second combines all the ingredients that make a great RPG into a compelling and fun 3DS game. It’s got a great storyline with diverse characters, interesting and unique character classes, a gorgeous art style, and a seriously fun turn-based combat system. Bravely Second takes place two years after the events of the first game […]

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DOOM Review

Blood. Gore. DOOM. Like a shotgun to the face, DOOM has engulfed our senses with high octane fun. The new DOOM thrusts you right into the fray in its exhilarating campaign mode. Your character wakes up on a ritualistic stone slab surrounded by terrifying medical/space equipment. Corpses litter the room and walkway as you make […]

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Keep an Eye on Gigantic

Gigantic just dropped it\’s newest trailer and IT LOOKS AWESOME. Motiga, the studio that is putting together Gigantic, announced a partnership today with Perfect World Entertainment. This partnership will enable Motiga to be able to release their game to all 64-bit Windows versions, the Windows 10 App Store, and Xbox One. Gigantic is a free-to-play […]

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