Author: Daney Rivera

Illustrator, Gamer, Lesbian.

Pokken Tournament Review

I have waited for this game nearly all my life. As a kid, I prayed to the Nintendo gods, begging them for a game that included Pokemon battles without the turn based limitations. I was asking for a miracle, or at least that\’s what it felt like back then. Fast forward a dozen or so […]

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DOOM Multiplayer First Impressions + OPEN BETA!

–UPDATE– Just announced! An open beta for the DOOM multiplayer will be available from April 15th-17th, with pre-load available starting April 12th. Beta is open to PS4, Xbox One, and Steam – No code needed! This past weekend Bethesda released the Doom multiplayer beta, closed to those who have already preordered the game or had […]

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New Mirror’s Edge Videos Give Me LIFE

This past week, DICE released some new videos that I am SUPER excited to see. The original Mirror\’s Edge games was one of my favorites for last gen consoles, and it\’s sequel is one of the games I\’m most looking forward to playing this year. Mirror\’s Edge Catalyst is set to release May 24th, and […]

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Overwatch Release Date Leaked

And now the cat\’s out of the bag. Earlier today, IGN released a promotional advertisement for Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment\’s upcoming game. Overwatch is a first person PVP game, with a plethora of different characters boasting different abilities to be used in team based battles. Up until today, all we knew regarding a release was a […]

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Minecraft Combat Update!

Today, Mojang released it\’s newest update for Minecraft – and it\’s packing A TON of new content. Here\’s the rundown they released this morning: Minecraft has been updated to version 1.9! The pretty much almost complete feature list: Added shields Attacking now has a “cool-down” delay, making it more important to time your attacks You […]

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The Witness Review

  The Witness immerses you into a world where you don’t know the rules or how things work.  It throws you into unknown paths and puzzles, with virtually no narrative other than ‘this is where you are now, go explore.’  On the surface, this game is about exploration, discovery, and solving hundreds of puzzles. In […]

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Destiny’s Crimson Days Begins

  Love is in the air, Guardians.  Bungie released it’s newest holiday event today, giving us some much needed love in the Destiny world.  Crimson Days is the name of this newest event, and it features a new PVP mode, new quests and bounties, and exclusive items.  Here’s everything you’ll want to know before logging […]

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Yoshi’s Woolly World Review

If there was an award for Cutest Game of the Year, Yoshi’s Woolly World would have already won it.  What sets this game apart is its agonizingly adorable visual language, where everything you have ever loved from the old Yoshi’s Island games has been translated into things you would find in your grandmother’s craft room.  […]

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