Author: Antonio Worrall

I’m a geek who loves video games, wings, beer, dinosaurs, Star Wars, and technology. My wife and I have a tripod cat, but she’s an asshole. Because she’s a cat.

Pixelrater Among The Top 50 Gaming Sites

Hello everyone! I\’m thrilled to share that we made it on Rebates Zone’s Top 50 Video Game Sites list! We landed number 43 which is awesome considering we share the space with juggernauts I grew up with and read daily like IGN, Kotaku, and Destructoid. I started Pixelrater entirely on my own and managed all […]

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Impressions – The Division beta

Ubisoft wowed everyone during E3 2013 with “next gen” gameplay footage of Tom Clancy’s The Division that you can watch here. After some delays we’re finally nearing the game’s release across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on March 8. I spent quite a few hours with the open beta for PS4 to see if […]

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Episode 5 – DLC & Season Passes

Join hosts Antonio (@_tonezone_) Daney (@daneyrivera), Will (@scotch_man), Tristan (@trondood), and Alex (@aalaska) as they go over some gaming news from the past week\’s Recap along with what games they\’re currently playing. This week\’s topic is all about DLC in games, season passes and their accompanying expectations, and what changes could be made to make […]

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Special Episode – Nintendo NYC Reopening

Join hosts Antonio (@_tonezone_) and Tristan (@trondood) for a special mini episode of LAN Party. Today the duo discusses the Nintendo NYC store\’s reopening and what they thought of the new layout. Oh, and they interviewed Charles Martinet—the voice of Mario. No big deal. Check that out on our site. Play in new window […]

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Interview: Charles Martinet The Voice of Mario

The thing that I thought would never happen to me happened—I got to meet, interview, and get an autograph by none other than the iconic Charles Martinet. The man is a legend to Nintendo fans around the world. You may not know him by name, but I can almost guarantee you know his voice. He’s […]

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Nintendo NYC Reopening Event

According to Yelp I\’m a regular at what was previously the Nintendo World Store. Am I ashamed of this? Hell no. Every time I step foot inside I\’m flooded with memories of Mario, Yoshi, and all the good times I\’ve had playing Nintendo franchises. The worlds are fun, bright, and safe and the characters are […]

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Impressions: Hitman beta

My oh my has the new Hitman been making headlines. The game was originally set to launch as a typical standalone game only to be announced as an episodic title seemingly out of nowhere. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that move done before—especially with a game that raked in preorders and is only a […]

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