Author: Antonio Worrall

I'm a geek who loves video games, wings, beer, dinosaurs, Star Wars, and technology. My wife and I have a tripod cat, but she's an asshole. Because she's a cat.

Miitomo: What You Need to Know

In order to take full advantage of Miitomo you\’ll want to creat a My Nintendo account which you can do from scratch or sign up with an existing Nintendo Network ID as well as a Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus (who the hell uses that?!) login. Grab your nickname or handle by signing up here. […]

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PlayStation VR Priced at $399. Comes out in October 2016.

For the record, I fucking called it. I called it so hard. People scoffed at me, mocked me, and shouted obscenities at me when I predicted PlayStation VR would be well below Oculus\’s $599 price tag. Ok. That\’s a lie. Not all of it. Just the part about vulgarities. People really didn\’t believe me though. […]

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Episode 8 – All About 8-bit

Join hosts Antonio (@_tonezone_) Daney (@daneyrivera), Will (@scotch_man), and Tristan (@trondood) as they go over some gaming news from the past week\’s Recap along with what games they\’re currently playing. This week\’s topic is about the 8-bit era in celebration of our eighth episode. Please rate and review us in iTunes and tell your friends! […]

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Recap 3.11.16

PlayStation Polygon has a great article diving into the making of PlayStation VR Sony suggests Oculus has better VR, but does it really matter if the price is right with such a large install base? Xbox Microsoft cancels Fable Legends. In discussions to close Lionhead studios. Nintendo Super Meat Boy making it’s Wii U debut […]

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Coleco Drops Chameleon Project as RetroVGS Crumbles

Well that didn\’t take long. If you\’ve been following along, one of the news nuggets I wrote about in last week\’s Recap was regarding the Coleco Chameleon and it\’s fake prototypes. I also discussed it in our latest podcast episode LAN Party. With the shameless plugs aside, I can now update you on the situation. […]

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Episode 7 – Everyone’s Pulling Out

Join hosts Antonio (@_tonezone_) Daney (@daneyrivera), and Alex (@aalaskaa) as they go over some gaming news from the past week\’s Recap along with what games they\’re currently playing. This week\’s topic is about heavy hitters pulling out of this year\’s E3 and what our thoughts are on the impact it could have on the industry. […]

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Recap 3.4.16

PlayStation Uncharted 4 has been delayed to May 10 in order to \”ensure there will be enough stock to meet the demand of a now worldwide release date\” Sony will be shutting down PlayStation Portable’s native storefront on March 31. You’ll still be able to access your previous downloads on the device as well as […]

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Betas All Around

Microsoft offered gamers the chance to try out new system software prior to it\’s release to the public back with Xbox 360 in what it called the Preview Program. Sony, with the PS4, followed suit likely because of a few botched firmware updates since the system\’s release. Firmware and OS updates are tricky as some […]

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