Author: Tristan Simonian

I'm unabashedly in love with Nintendo; ESPECIALLY Zelda! Spelunky is my jam. Burritos are life.

Pixelrater Plays: Astroneer

We here at Pixelrater love space! We also love Games! So you can assume that we certainly love games about space! Come with Tristan and check out the pre-alpha build of the brand new space survival/exploration game Astroneer!

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Inside the NES Classic Edition

The NES Classic Edition hasn’t been the easiest thing to get your hands on this holiday season. Luckily, Tristan stood outside in the cold to get one and is super excited to bring you an inside look!

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New Zelda Trailer Shows Gorgeous Locale, Dogs, And More!

I’m not much for awards shows, especially when they’re about video games. However, I did tune into Geoff Keighley’s awards program last night for one purpose… The Legend of Zelda. As promised, Nintendo showed up full force and delivered a new trailer for Breath of the Wild. Just like in 2014, when they announced the […]

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Bastion is getting an HD Re-release on Xbox One!

Bastion was a very special game. Everything from the incredible combat controls, to the hypnotic story told through real time narration, to the crazy way the isometric map formed around you as you progressed through the game. It had a beautifully hand drawn feel pallet, don’t even get me started with how beautiful this game […]

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome Amiibo Update is Available NOW!

You might remember Nintendo announced a new update for their loveable three year old title, Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Today, Nintendo held a direct to announce that not only is the new update PACKED with neat features, it’s also available RIGHT NOW! Here’s what’s waiting for you: Amiibo support You can now scan your lovable […]

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Tristan plays the Outlast 2 Demo

Will and Antonio pointed out the Outlast 2 Demo is on it’s last leg before disappearing. I figure there’s no better way to celebrate Halloween than possibly dying of fear. A few predictable points aside, the demo was, well… See for yourself… Happy Halloween, Pixelraters!

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New Pokemon Sun & Moon Trailer shows Final Evolutions and More!

We’ve all had a general idea of what the final evolutions would be for Pokémon Sun & Moon’s starters ever since data miners pried apart the demo and spoiled nearly everything. Nintendo finally decided to take control of that mayhem by releasing a new trailer detailing the final versions as well as some endgame goodies. […]

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Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 Megamix are FINALLY coming to PS4!

I. Love. Kingdom Hearts. Maybe it’s the simple Action-RPG mechanics. Maybe it’s the joyous story. Maybe it’s my continued love of Disney’s wonderful characters into adulthood. Most likely, it’s my fascination with the fact that Haley Joel Osment continues to voice the youthful main character well into his AARP years of life. Setting aside my […]

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