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Returning to No Man’s Sky’s Post Foundation Update

Everyone here at Pixelrater was really looking forward to No Man’s Sky when it released. I remember Daney, Tristan, and myself group chatting via PSN as we anxiously waited for the game to unlock at midnight. The hour and a half seemed excruciating when you’ve had so much pent up excitement to dive into the […]

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Unboxing Trio: Dishonored 2, PS4 Pro, NES Classic Edition

Hey everyone! I feel bad, but we don’t have a LAN Party podcast episode this week. It was a busy weekend for all of us and we had important life events to attend to. I am happy to share, however, that we have three great unboxing videos we shot and edited for you! We hope […]

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PS4 Pro Unboxing, Console Comparison, and HDD Upgrade Tutorial

Love it or hate it (and why would you?) the PS4 Pro is out in the wild. If you listen to our podcast, then you may already know that I went back and forth about whether I was even going to get the Pro. I knew I was buying PlayStation VR, so the beefier console […]

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome Amiibo Update is Available NOW!

You might remember Nintendo announced a new update for their loveable three year old title, Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Today, Nintendo held a direct to announce that not only is the new update PACKED with neat features, it’s also available RIGHT NOW! Here’s what’s waiting for you: Amiibo support You can now scan your lovable […]

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Tristan plays the Outlast 2 Demo

Will and Antonio pointed out the Outlast 2 Demo is on it’s last leg before disappearing. I figure there’s no better way to celebrate Halloween than possibly dying of fear. A few predictable points aside, the demo was, well… See for yourself… Happy Halloween, Pixelraters!

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Impressions: Pokémon Sun and Moon Demo

Can’t wait another month for Pokémon Sun and Moon version? No problem! Nintendo and GameFreak have released a demo version to the 3DS eshop so all you impatient trainers can wet your whistle and get a taste of what’s to come. I had the chance to sit down and play through it yesterday, and I […]

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Demo Inpressions: Hooked on Dragon Quest Builders

I have no attachment to the Dragon Quest series whatsoever and I’m definitely not alone. Here in the West the action RPG series has more of a niche audience compared to it’s huge popularity in Japan. A certain degree of this is due to Final Fantasy’s wild success here in the US. For me I […]

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Subnautica: Ongoing Preview for Xbox One

Everyone hates the dentist. They poke and prod aggressively inside your mouth, making your gums bleed as they scrape away the plaque bonded to your teeth. All to the ambience of your spit slurping through a hose hanging out of your mouth. (and Kenny G) \”You know, if you flossed more your gums wouldn\’t bleed […]

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