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Episode 2 – Ze Ponies, Ya?…And The Indie Renaissance.

Join hosts Antonio (@_tonezone_) Daney (@daneyrivera), Will (@scotch_man), and Tristan (@trondood) as they go over some gaming news from the past week\’s Recap along with what games they\’re currently playing. They also discuss the indie renaissance and share their top four favorite indie titles.

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Episode 1 – Our Most Anticipated Games of 2016 & Dino Juice (NSFW)

Join hosts Antonio (@_tonezone_) Daney (@daneyrivera) and Will (@scotch_man) as they go over a few bits of this past week\’s gaming news. They then discuss games and gaming tech they can\’t wait for in 2016. Oh—and there\’s mention of dino juice and Will waters his plants……This podcast is a work in progress and we will […]

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