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UPDATE: Confirmed! This is the PS4 Slim

UPDATE 2: Another, and more thorough, unboxing has been done. The video has since been pulled, but not before I snagged some screenshots. 😉 UPDATE: The fine folks over at Eurogamer received permission to visit the console owner\’s house both to visually confirm the PS4 Slim is indeed legit and to shoot a video of […]

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Recap 8.19.16

PlayStation Driveclub VR will be heading to PlayStation VR this year Sony has started sending out emails to those invited in participating in the PS4\’s upcoming 4.0 update. I have a write up with all the details you can check out iam8bit will be exclusively publishing and selling the physical version of FEZ Infinite. The […]

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PS4 4.0 Firmware Update to add Folders, UI Refresh, and More

I’ve said this multiple times, especially in our podcast, but I’m a PlayStation fan. I have nothing against Xbox, I just prefer PlayStation for multi-platform games. I’ve also stated that as a PlayStation user I envy and respect Microsoft’s willingness to tear down and completely reinvent the user interfaces for their platforms. Just look below […]

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Recap 8.12.16

Notable Game Releases No Man\’s Sky [divider] PlayStation Invitations have gone out for a press event on September 7 about \”The Business of PlayStation\” aka the PS4 Neo reveal. And maybe more on PlayStation VR? Pushsquare reported on stickers being used to cover up the online play logo printed on some limited edition copies of […]

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Get Notified When we Post Cool New Stuff

Hey fans around the globe, Antonio here. I\’ve been working on Pixelrater for the past year or so here and there trying to make the site better. Some of you may remember the big 2.0 site update we launched a couple months back that introduced game hubs where all news, reviews, and videos for each […]

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Fresh Screens for The Last Guardian

These new screens PlayStation just released on their Facebook page this morning make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I mean, look at Trico. Isn\’t he the most adorable bird-dog you\’ve ever seen?! Say what you want about it being seven years in the making or that it may look like a watered down […]

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Subnautica: Ongoing Preview for Xbox One

Everyone hates the dentist. They poke and prod aggressively inside your mouth, making your gums bleed as they scrape away the plaque bonded to your teeth. All to the ambience of your spit slurping through a hose hanging out of your mouth. (and Kenny G) \”You know, if you flossed more your gums wouldn\’t bleed […]

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Day One Update for No Man’s Sky is a Game Changer—Literally

Remember when I said I probably wasn’t going to buy No Man’s Sky because I had other games to play? Yeah, well, I’m full of shit. I mean, we all are really, quite literally. You know what else is quite literal? The game changing 1.03 patch Sean Murray’s team is releasing on day one. When […]

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