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Recap 8.5.16

PlayStation Playdead announced their highly praised Xbox game INSIDE will be making its way to PS4 August 23 [divider] Xbox The new 2TB Xbox One S has launched as well as a redesigned bluetooth compatible controller [divider] Nintendo Niantic removes legendary Pokémon from accounts of those who cheated Niantic also updated Pokémon GO, removing the […]

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SURPRISE! Overwatch Summer Games is HERE. Today, Blizzard announced a seasonal event for Overwatch called Summer Games, an olympic-inspired seasonal event, similar to seasonal events that have been released for games like World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm. Their own developers have pointed out many similarities between this Summer Games event and […]

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Recap 7.29.16

PlayStation No Man\’s Sky will not require a PlayStation Plus Membership to play \’multiplayer\’ online Similar to the last couple major firmware updates for PS4, Sony is taking beta testers for its next major update. No new features have been announced at this time While technically not PlayStation news any longer, ex VP of publisher […]

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Nintendo NX: Rumors, Do’s, and Don’ts

I want things to work out for Nintendo, I really do. It’s no secret all of us at Pixelrater have a deep gaming connection with Nintendo and it’s various wonderful IP. A connection that harkens back to the 8-bit days and got some of us, if not most of us, into video games. There’s a […]

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New look at Dead Rising 4 celebrates the series’ craziness.

Dead Rising 4 went to Comic Con, and it had a panel. Moderated by Jeff Rubenstein, there were a bunch of people involved with the game at the panel to discuss the game\’s development and how today\’s pop culture is influencing development of the game and zombie culture as a whole. Among those in attendence […]

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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Bundle incoming!

After recent rumors surfaced regarding the game\’s re-release, it\’s finally confirmed. Today at Comic-Con, Marvel announced that a release of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series for current gen consoles is not only true, but is happening on Tuesday (7/26)! The games will be available to download separately on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One for $39.99 […]

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New Sonic Games, Sonic Mania & Project Sonic, Announced

Growing up I always liked Sonic, but like many gamers, he played second fiddle next to Mario and friends. Regardless Sonic and Sonic 2 are still fantastic games to this day and I have them both on my phone and 3DS. These original titles are arguably the best games starring the blue hedgehog and his […]

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Recap 7.22.16

Reviews Duskers [divider] PlayStation Rise of the Tomb Raider coming to PS4 October 11. No season pass as all DLC is included. Also has VR support to investigate Croft manor. Gravity Rush 2 is landing on PS4 on December 2. Check out the trailer here. Sony partnered with a System Shock developer Nightdive Studios to […]

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