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Bioshock HD Collection Announced by 2K games (Updated)

It\’s not Bioshock 4, but it\’s definitely a good start. After being leaked a billion times, 2K has finally confirmed that Bioshock: The Collection does exist and even showed off a snazzy reveal trailer. Coming soon to PS4, Xbox One and PC. $60 dollars down and these three will tout upgraded visuals to fit in […]

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We Happy Few is all kinds of weird.

Part Bioshock. Part 1984. All strange. We Happy Few is an upcoming title from Compulsion Games that will try to take all your weird bones and juice them… Hard. Taking place in 1964, the game plots you as a character in a dystopian society where citizens take drugs known as \”Joy\” in order to make […]

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God Of War revealed, featuring Dad Kratos

At Sony\’s E3 Showcase, they started strong by showing their big guns. A new God of War reveal! Personally, I\’d checked out on the God of War franchise a long time ago, but this refreshing new take appears to be a huge step in a different direction. Gone are the linear pathways and classic \”Square, […]

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E3 Trailers, Promises and Teasers Compilation

As E3 rolls forward, the biggest names in gaming have come with the big guns. New IP, reboots of franchises and long awaited sequels. We thought it would be nice to show off all the reveal trailers and teasers in one spot, and refer to this archived post in the future for a compare/contrast of […]

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Recap 6.10.16

Reviews TMNT Mutants in Manhattan DOOM [divider] Notable Game Releases Mirror’s Edge Catalyst SteamWorld Heist [divider] PlayStation Bethesda re-released the Fall Harbor DLC for PS4 owners. It won’t come as an update, in order to get it players need to delete the Far Harbor DLC and redownload the new one. Frame rates are now as […]

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Sony Confirms PlayStation Neo/4k is Real

Wow. This will most certainly be interesting. During an interview with the Financial Times Sony executive Andrew House confirmed the more powerful PlayStation 4, codenamed Neo, exists. Here is what he had to say, \”It is intended to sit alongside and complement the standard PS4. We will be selling both [versions] through the life cycle.\” […]

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More Details on Watch Dogs 2

After watching the reveal I\’m actually cautiously optimistic for Ubisoft\’s sequel after what happened with the original Watch Dogs. Post release, the original Watch Dogs arguably failed to deliver on most, if not all, of what it promised gamers. Hacking was simplistic, driving was a chore, and Aiden had the personality of my morning dump. […]

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Yooka-Laylee might be delayed, but it’s still pushing all of my childhood buttons.

Who says Platformers are dead? Even though it\’s been delayed until Q1 2017, Playtonic Games have taken the time to show some new screenshots and footage from the upcoming Yooka-Laylee. Check it out! It would be an understatement to say this project absolutely blew up on Kickstarter. Playtonic, who requested £175000, ended their campaign with […]

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