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Recap 3.11.16

PlayStation Polygon has a great article diving into the making of PlayStation VR Sony suggests Oculus has better VR, but does it really matter if the price is right with such a large install base? Xbox Microsoft cancels Fable Legends. In discussions to close Lionhead studios. Nintendo Super Meat Boy making it’s Wii U debut […]

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Coleco Drops Chameleon Project as RetroVGS Crumbles

Well that didn\’t take long. If you\’ve been following along, one of the news nuggets I wrote about in last week\’s Recap was regarding the Coleco Chameleon and it\’s fake prototypes. I also discussed it in our latest podcast episode LAN Party. With the shameless plugs aside, I can now update you on the situation. […]

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Overwatch Release Date Leaked

And now the cat\’s out of the bag. Earlier today, IGN released a promotional advertisement for Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment\’s upcoming game. Overwatch is a first person PVP game, with a plethora of different characters boasting different abilities to be used in team based battles. Up until today, all we knew regarding a release was a […]

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Recap 3.4.16

PlayStation Uncharted 4 has been delayed to May 10 in order to \”ensure there will be enough stock to meet the demand of a now worldwide release date\” Sony will be shutting down PlayStation Portable’s native storefront on March 31. You’ll still be able to access your previous downloads on the device as well as […]

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No Man’s Sky is available for Pre-Order. And has a release Date!

Space. The Final Frontier… …Can soon be yours for the low price of 59.99! That\’s right! The long awaited Hype Machine – Space Exploration – Childhood Fantasy Simulator, No Man\’s Sky is now live for pre-orders. Since the reveal of NMS at the VGX show in 2013, excitment and anticipation has exploded throughout the gaming […]

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Betas All Around

Microsoft offered gamers the chance to try out new system software prior to it\’s release to the public back with Xbox 360 in what it called the Preview Program. Sony, with the PS4, followed suit likely because of a few botched firmware updates since the system\’s release. Firmware and OS updates are tricky as some […]

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Minecraft Combat Update!

Today, Mojang released it\’s newest update for Minecraft – and it\’s packing A TON of new content. Here\’s the rundown they released this morning: Minecraft has been updated to version 1.9! The pretty much almost complete feature list: Added shields Attacking now has a “cool-down” delay, making it more important to time your attacks You […]

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New Pokémon teaser trailer will make you go full inner child.

Look! Guys! Watch this! Wow. Though I can\’t say I\’ve had ALL of those emotions throughout my years as a Pokémon trainer, this definitely captures the spirit of what if feels like to play. Look at all those Gameboys! (I\’m having a bit of touble imagining the producers handing a gameboy pocket to a child […]

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