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Impressions: Hitman beta

My oh my has the new Hitman been making headlines. The game was originally set to launch as a typical standalone game only to be announced as an episodic title seemingly out of nowhere. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that move done before—especially with a game that raked in preorders and is only a […]

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Check out Super Mario Kart with over 100 Characters… AT ONCE!

More Characters than you can stuff on your Amiibo shelf! Kudos to Hat-Loving Gamer for this insanity.

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Recap 2.12.16

Sequels have been announced for two huge franchises and Hideo has his own YouTube show. PlayStation Sony is still taunting us with Crash Bandicoot teases like this post on Twitter Xbox Red Dead Redemption on Xbox One was an accidental beta leak. It should be coming in the future. Actual games released are Lego Batman, […]

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Destiny’s Crimson Days Begins

  Love is in the air, Guardians.  Bungie released it’s newest holiday event today, giving us some much needed love in the Destiny world.  Crimson Days is the name of this newest event, and it features a new PVP mode, new quests and bounties, and exclusive items.  Here’s everything you’ll want to know before logging […]

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Is Mother 3 Finally Coming To North America?

The Mother series has always had a very awkward relationship with the United States. Like a secret club, the game was almost destined to slip into a niche identity that only the most adoring fans would follow (but boy have they ever). Nintendo skipped North America completely in 1989 with the series first entry on […]

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Recap 2.5.16

We got a beta and some release date info. Oh, and of course another Nintendo rumor but not about NX. PlayStation Jonathan Blow’s excellent puzzle adventure game The Witness has earned five million dollars between combined sales on Steam and PlayStation 4—within it’s first week of launch! While this figure is impressive, Blow mentioned the […]

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Nintendo Discusses My Nintendo Account System

Earlier today Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima outlined the way My Nintendo accounts will work. For those unaware, My NIntendo is the new loyalty program created to replace what used to be Club Nintendo. The details are below. And now, I would like to dicuss Nintendo’s new membership service and our new business on smart devices. […]

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