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Lupe Fiasco Vs. Daigo

Daigo Umehara. That name may not mean anything to you. That name may mean everything to you. Having been in the competitive scene for over a decade, he’s widely considered to be one of the (if not the actual) greatest fighting game player of all time. To me, Daigo Umehara reflects a feeling. The first […]

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Most Anticipated Games of 2016

Holy hell. I don’t know about anyone else, but 2015 felt like such an insane year for video games. We had a lot of games that overwhelmed and underwhelmed. We didn’t get a lot of broken games, though a few fell through the cracks that were nearly unplayable (I’m looking at you PC version of […]

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Staff Picks: Five Fav Games of 2015

Tristan 2015 was a big year when it came to the amount of games I played. Making a list was hard! But here’s what scored big with me this year: Xenoblade Chronicles  This game surprised me. When it launched in Japan it felt like it had a very lukewarm reception. I took the dive and […]

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Fallout 4 Tips

Are you new to Fallout? Me too! You may have noticed that being a first time survivor in the wasteland can be tough—I know I have. As a newcommer here are some tips I\’ve discovered and ones I found online to help you out. This list will be ongoing to check back for updates! ​ […]

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My 20 Years of Play with PlayStation

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been two decades (my heart) since the launch of the original PlayStation back on 9/9/95. Where or where does the time go? Admittedly I did’t have a PlayStation when it originally came out but I had friends who had one and I remember playing it all the time. Eventually when […]

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Playing Some of Nintendo’s E3 Offerings

I wasn’t able to go to E3 which is a drag, but I was able to check out some of Nintendo’s heavy hitters displayed at this past E3 thanks to a four day event at the Nintendo World Store. By the time I arrived my position in the queue was an hour out. Since I […]

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Should You Buy a PS Vita?

My oh my did Sony\’s newest handheld have an identity crisis, though not as bad as the PS3\’s last generation. It was originally pitched as having the home console experience in your pocket and yet very few games were able to come close to that promise. The only two I can think of are Uncharted […]

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My Top Games of 2014

Yeah yeah I know we’re in 2015 but I feel like posting my top four games of 2014…and they may surprise you. Let’s go! Number 4: Destiny I haven’t touched this game in a couple of months. I played the alpha and beta and wasn’t impressed at all by the alpha but saw the potential […]

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