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Recap 5.19.17

Nintendo Nintendo has found the cause of phantom home button and screenshot presses on Minecraft for Switch. An update will be out to resolve both issues in the near future. According to the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is working a Zelda game for iOS and Android set for release after Animal Crossing on mobile. Switch […]

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Recap 5.12.17

PlayStation The former chief of what was once Lionhead Studios, Stuart Whyte, has now joined Sony’s London Studio as the head of development for upcoming AAA PSVR projects. Nintendo The multiplayer maps for Splatoon 2 will rotate every two hours compared to the previous game’s four. This should help keep it fresh for all you […]

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Antonio Worrall I’m a geek who loves video games, wings, beer, dinosaurs, Star Wars, and technology. My wife and I have a tripod cat, but she’s an asshole. Because she’s a cat.

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Recently the world was introduced to Tumbleseed, the “Rolly Roguelike” that sends seeds scrambling up a mountain filled with threats and bottomless pits with all the charmingly friendly visuals and music you can imagine. The path is fraught with dangers in the form of insects and small moles that burrow holes into the mountain face, […]

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Recap 5.5.17

PlayStation Horizon Zero Dawn is receiving an update next week to version 1.20 that adds multiple new features to the game’s photo mode like having Aloy look directly into the camera, change her pose, and more. There will also be features unrelated to photo mode such as a slider for camera and aim sensitivity as […]

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Recap 4.28.17

PlayStation Back in my day Sony was the go to electronics company for all your electronic needs, especially with the Walkman brand of tape and CD players. That mantle has long since been taken over by Apple, but fortunately for Sony their PlayStation brand has seen roaring success this generation with PS4. So much so, […]

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Recap 4.21.17

PlayStation Sony’s PS4 Slim will be upgraded to a 1TB drive here in the States just like in Europe. The price will also remain $299 Nintendo I think I can safely speak for all of us here at Pixelrater when I say we really don’t condone eating at McDonalds (although we have no issues if […]

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Recap 3.14.17

PlayStation Naughty Dog’s Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will release August 22 for $39.99 and those who preorder will get a free copy of Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, the upcoming PS2 classic on PS4, as well as a free dynamic theme if it’s done via PSN. PlayStation 4 title Race the Sun now has […]

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Tony Plays Farpoint Part II: via @YouTube
Tony Plays Farpoint: via @YouTube