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Inside the Nintendo Gameboy!

I’ve spent some time on the Game Boy. Pokemon, Tetris, Zelda, Pokemon, Castlevania, Pokemon, Donkey Kong, Pokemon. You get the idea. In my first decade on this planet alone, I’d put enough batteries into that little grey box to keep Duracell in business. My poor parents should have bought stock. Between an early life cross […]

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Check out Super Mario Kart with over 100 Characters… AT ONCE!

More Characters than you can stuff on your Amiibo shelf! Kudos to Hat-Loving Gamer for this insanity. Tristan SimonianI’m unabashedly in love with Nintendo; ESPECIALLY Zelda! Spelunky is my jam. Burritos are life.

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Past Gen Gems

This current generation of gaming was, for the most part, one hell of a leap from the last generation in every conceivable way. The graphics weren’t only prettier they were in high definition (sadly most weren’t full HD on PS3). The enemies and environments were more complex. And I can’t forget about the game changer […]

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