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Dinosaurs, man. I love ’em! Ever since I was a kid I’ve been all about them, especially when Jurassic Park came out. They’re fascinating creatures and I’m sure they were a sight to behold when they roamed the earth. Unfortunately, when Jurassic Park came out and dinos were more mainstream, the consoles on the market […]

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I played the tutorial for Loading Human with two PS Move controllers, as suggested, and was so turned off by the control scheme that I didn’t play it for a couple days. Don’t do that. Admittedly the controls feel wonky at first, but before long I became accustomed to them. You use the triggers on […]

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WayWard Sky Review

If you can’t tell by the screenshots, WayWard Sky is a beautiful game. Visually, it’s easily one of my favorite PSVR launch titles compared to everything else I’ve played so far. It’s a world that’s bright and colorful, with it’s pastel art style and cheerful soundtrack. In the end everything comes together and oozes charm. […]

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Let me get this out of the way right now—Job Simulator doesn’t sound fun on paper. Hell, it doesn’t even look fun watching someone else play it. But trust me, Owlchemy Labs’ VR exclusive title is a lot of fun, which surprised me because you’re tasked with completing mundane jobs. That’s the game. What makes […]

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