The Legend of Zelda is 30 years old. Just about time for a midlife crisis. Seriously princess, just stay safe for five minutes!

Seriously though. We definitely won’t be seeing a new entry this year. For that, we have to wait until Switch comes out and Breath Of The Wild finally sees the light of day. All is not lost though, as Nintendo seems to be drawing on some of that good ol’ nostalgia they keep in their banks.

Not only do you get a super cool glimpse at a draft of the world map, you’ll also get some cool insight to some interior scenes and how they translated from paper to game.

The whole page is a really cool peek into early game development and how these small teams took on every role of the creative process.

Check out this World Map! I’d pay ALL of the money for a print of this:

You can check out the full page yourself by clicking right here

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