You may not know this, but before there was Pixelrater I started and ran a site completely solo called Game and Cook. The name was a play on words of Nintendo’s first game console, the Game and Watch. On G&C I would post reviews of games I played along with recipes my wife and I made. We love cooking, and it really brings us together. After two or three years, however, I decided to split the gaming portion of the site off into Pixelrater with the intention of making a new destination for our recipes. That ultimately never happened, as my wife is busy with her flower business, Little Paper Flowers, and I’m all in on Pixelrater.

Anyway, I was approached about a new livestreaming cooking show on Twitch starring Food Network Star Justin Warner. The rep told me he’s just as passionate about video games as he is about cooking. It sounds like he’s an awesome dude, and someone I’d probably be friends with. If you’re reading this Justin, you’re welcome on the site or our podcast any time.

The show airs Monday through Friday from 8:00pm-10:00pm EST with Justin cooking a different meal each episode as he discusses the reasons why he’s using a certain cooking technique or ingredient. Oh yeah—he’s also a fellow geek who talks about games.

Geeks FTW!

He does all this while interacting with his audience live, fielding questions and discussing random topics. It’s almost like dinner and a show, except you’re doing the cooking. What makes ChefShock even better is that viewers can access an upcoming meal schedule so those watching can ensure they have the required ingredients for cooking along. They even partnered with various food delivery services so some eager home cooks can have the necessary ingredients in a matter of hours. I’ve embedded the official press release below for those who are interested. I’ve also embedded the first episode before the break.

Just in time for the holidays, Roker Media and digital studio SXM today announced ChefShock, a live millennial focused cooking show hosted by celebrity Chef Justin Warner. The series will air exclusively on Twitch, the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers and creative artists. This daily program will focus on different recipes and demonstrate how to prepare them while interacting with his viewers in real time.   

Each ChefShock episode will be a two-hour live broadcast during dinnertime (5:00pm – 7:00pm PST). Viewers will be able to purchase ingredients in advance, by either looking at the ChefShock meal schedule or choosing one of ChefShock’s home delivery partners, and then cook along with Chef Justin. Because of the live format and the ability for viewers to communicate via chat messaging, his audience will be able to ask questions, whether it’s about the meal being prepared, general cooking advice or other things they want to know about Chef Justin.


Justin Warner is a self-taught chef, the winner of the eighth season of Food Network Star and the author of The Laws of Cooking: And How to Break Them. Warner worked at Danny Meyer’s restaurant The Modern and served as chef/co-owner of Michelin-rated restaurant Do or Dine in Brooklyn. Justin continues to be a frequent guest on Food Network and hosts Foodie Call on


Chefshock will dispense with many of the customary cooking show tropes, where food is pre-prepared and the conversation is only one way. Instead, Chef Justin will give a fun, unedited, unfiltered viewpoint into the preparation of the meal, from unpacking the groceries and peeling off the labels to tasting the finished goods, all while interacting with the viewers.


“Since the launch of Twitch Creative where we celebrate the creative process, the art of cooking has become popular among our community,” said Bill Moorier, Head of Twitch Creative. “ChefShock is taking this format to a new level by adding a highly produced cook-with-me layer to the process. By mixing this approach with an interactive audience and celebrity Chef Justin, it adds a new spice to traditional cooking shows.”


“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Justin, SXM and Twitch on what is already a formidable live streaming platform,” said Roker Media Co-Founder Ronald C. Pruett, Jr. “Roker has tremendous experience in the food category and the Creative category on Twitch just elevates it to an entirely new level.”


The show will be live streamed five days a week, Monday through Friday on Twitch ( beginning on Monday, October 31st, at 5:00 pm PST / 8:00 pm EST.

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