Over the past few weeks, more and more information keeps coming out about Destiny 2, which releases this year on September 8th. Here’s a breakdown of what we know so far, and after that, our answer to the question, is it enough?

New Subclasses
* Destiny 2 is introducing 3 new subclasses for each character type, the Arcstrider, Sentinel, and Dawnblade. Take a look at the video below for Bungie’s explaination of all three:

* All PVP / Crucible matches are now 4v4
* There is a new match type called “Countdown” where players plant a bomb in the enemy’s base and then defend it

Squad up, Guardians.

New Weapon System
* Out with the primary, secondary, and heavy weapon slots. Destiny 2 will feature slots called Kinetic, Energy, and Power – which should give players more freedom in making a great and more varied load out than before

New Planets and Navigation
* Earth, Titan, Io, and Nessus are the new worlds available to explore
* A new way to group up and move from activity to activity has been introduced, greatly reducing the time spent in orbit (thank god)

* Clans are now officially going to be supported in game, complete with clan-based progression and rewards. Also available to clans are customizable banners.
* Guided Games will be available at launch, which acts like an in-game LFG (looking for group) system, matching solo players with groups and vice versa for strikes, raids, and other activities.

It’s Coming to PC
* VIA BATTLE.NET (i can hear the cries of PC masterrace already)

Summer Beta
* For those who pre-order

Bungie has also showcased Destiny 2’s first mission, Homecoming, showing an attack on the tower.

And of course, here’s Destiny 2’s Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer

After watching the videos and reading up on what Bungie has boasted about Destiny 2, I am feeling a bit torn. Sure, it sounds like a great game and I am very excited to get my hands on it – I really enjoyed the first Destiny, even with all it’s flaws. To me, the true test for this game will be the beta (which will hopefully not be 1/4th of the game like the first destiny beta lol). The real question for me is still whether or not it’s enough changes to justify putting the 2 behind the name instead of making this just another expansion. Still, Destiny 2 looks badass as fuck, and I’m very excited to sink my teeth into this one. Hopefully, we continue to hear about more things that will be implemented into Destiny 2, otherwise, I’ll see the rest of you Guardians in the beta.

Author Daney Rivera
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