Throughout the week we get all kinds of stuff in our Pixelrater inboxes. Usually it’s various press releases, sometimes it’s fishy spam and virus-laden Word documents, and other times it’s an indie dev looking to spread the word of their (usually) mobile game. But every now and then we get something we didn’t expect, and that happened when Toru Tokikawa of Rivertime Entertainment reached out to tell us about his upcoming documentary called UKIYO-E-HEROES. I, not being all that familiar with Japanese culture, was curious as to what made him reach out to our outlet to help spread the word. Then I watched the trailer embedded below.

The film was produced by Toru along with Yu-Fai Suen Pinewood Pictures out of the UK and features a soundtrack by famed French composer Alan Braxe. Here’s the cliff notes version of what the film’s about from the press release:

A journey of discovery into how a Canadian craftsman and an American designer, with a father and son generation gap, collaborated to revive the ancient Japanese woodcut (Ukiyo-e) using pop-culture icons: Super Mario and Pokémon.

It’s interesting stuff, and something to keep a lookout for. The documentary is getting it’s world premiere at the Hot Docs festival in Toronto tomorrow, which is a big deal since it’s America’s largest documentary festival. We wish them the best of luck! And now I have an itch to watch Indie Game: The Movie .

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