Join Antonio (@_tonezone_), Daney (@daneyrivera), Will (@scotch_man), and Tristan (@trondood) for Pixelrater’s milestone 100th episode as LAN Party becomes two years old and reaches triple digits! The four friends chat about what they’ve been playing, reminice of the days of literal lan parties, open up about heartbrake, and go over some gaming news in the Recap. We want to sincerely thank all of our listeners and fans both new and old for sticking with us and spreading the word. We love creating content and sharing it with the world. And remember, if you love our podcast, please leave a review, give us a rating, and don’t forget to check out pixelrater.comβ€”it really means a lot! You can also support us on Patreon if you so desire. We love you and here’s to 100 more! – Love, The Pixelrater Team aka the Pixels

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