Man has it been a busy weekend! It all started last Thursday at 11pm EST when Nintendo dropped a bunch of info (although maybe not enough) about the Switch. I stayed up until almost 3am, feverishly writing an article brimming with news as I scoured Nintendo’s main site for whatever info may have fallen through the cracks. Then, on Monday I published episode 45 of our podcast guest starring The Nintendo Power Couple, where we reacted to the flurry of news from the days before. Unfortunately, the rest of the Pixelater crew couldn’t make that cast, but hey, why not record another one?

As of noon today episode 46 of LAN Party is live where Tristan and Will discuss their thoughts on the Switch event and news they’ve been seeing. I also spilled some of my impressions of the console and accessories after going hands-on with them at the NYC event. That leaves me to this very moment right now—after a re-shoot and a lot of editing, I’m excited to share with you my Hands-On With The Nintendo Switch video below. It’s been a long six days with only a few moments of relaxation, but I can’t say it hasn’t been fun. One thing is for sure, March 3 can’t come soon enough!



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