I am Bread has so much potential. The idea is quirky and the game is filled with fun moments. Unfortunately there are things holding it back from being the game I wanted it to be.

You start each level as a slice of bread who longs to become toast. The first level has you trekking across what is the most disgusting kitchen I’ve ever seen in my life to the other side where the toaster is located. The levels that follow aren’t as self explanatory and you will have to become creative in finding heat sources to toast you. The puzzle aspect of I am Bread is fun and the zany controls can make for some truly humorous moments. The control scheme is intentionally difficult but often times to the point of frustration. I’ve played and enjoyed another game with oddball controls called Octodad: Dadliest Catch available for PS4 and PS Vita but in Octodad I started to get the hang of things. In I am Bread you use the four shoulder buttons to control the four corners of your bread slice. As you navigate to become toast there is a bar that displays your edibility (life). Different contaminants like ants and footprints on the floor lower your edibility and if it reaches zero you’re toast….errr….I mean you’re not toast. Because you’re dead. If you fail to become toast three times a jar of magic marmalade appears that grants you invincibility when broken.

I am Bread is most fun when iIt’s just you, obstacles, and the environment without any limits other than your grip meter. Having the freedom to explore the environment and get your heat on is actually somewhat enjoyable. With that said the control system still kind of sucks and the physics system is a bust. I often found myself getting stuck in the weirdest places or not gripping onto various surfaces or items for seemingly no reason. The camera also acts wonky at times and the framerate stutters which blows my mind. The PS4 can display beauties like Killzone Shadow Fall and Metal Gear V: Phantom Pain in glorious 1080p but I am Bread’s engine is so poorly optimized that gameplay is sluggish and jerky. Hopefully this can be resolved in a game patch like it was for The Last Tinker: City of Colors which now runs smoothly.

If you’re interested in the quirkiness this game brings I suggest buying Octodad: Dadliest Catch for PS4 or PS Vita. But if you’re really interested in I am Bread maybe you should spend less money and buy it on iOS or Steam instead.



  • Fun with gameplay limits off


  • Limits ruin what fun there is
  • Controls difficult by design
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