It’s been a pretty shitty start to the first week with our new “president” here in the US. As you can imagine, there’s a barrage of negativity taking over the news and social media that’s affecting people’s day to day conversations and, for some, seeping into their overall attitude. People are fearful, angry, and confused—and rightfully so. I needed to pull myself out of the funk and into something more uplifting.

So on my day off I was in search for a new game to play as I desperately await the launch of the Switch (which going hands-on has only amplified), however, I wasn’t feeling anything. Dishonored 2? Nah. Final Fantasy XV? Nope. Then it came to me—Super Mario Sunshine on GameCube! After digging around in various totes, I found my system, controller, memory cards, power supply, AV cables, and games. With my FLUDD backpack on, I dove into the bright tropical world and got lost in a wonderful Mario adventure for hours as I chowed down on pizza and knocked back a few beers. Yesterday’s time with my GameCube brought something to my attention. It made me realize, now more than ever, how much I can’t wait for Switch and the fun uplifting games it will bring. Games I will no doubt get lost in. I mean, a massive new open world Zelda, a fresh new sandbox style Mario, and a light-hearted co-op puzzler called Snipperclips are all waiting for me.

Yesterday also made me realize how Nintendo brings people closer in a positive way. Ever since I downloaded Super Mario Run on my wife’s phone she’s been addicted to Rally mode, and she’s gotten pretty good! Each night we both cuddle up and play a few rallies as we try and unlock fun new decorations for our Mushroom Kingdoms. While there may be a lot of profanity thrown around, it’s undeniably fun and is something we both enjoy. Hell, it even piqued her interest so much that while I was playing Super Mario 3D World the other day she asked to play. That never happens and, again, it was a lot of fun. I even set her up with a Nintendo Account and she created a Mii via Miitomo and linked it to her account. I’m hoping it will connect in a cool way with Switch and Nintendo’s coin based rewards system.

So yeah, Nintendo and it’s games have always been around from when my parent’s got divorced, to present day when an alarmingly unqualified idiot is running our country. I’ve always found comfort in them in a way I haven’t with other franchises like Ratchet & Clank or others that are also near and dear to my heart. I look forward to playing Snipperclips with my wife (which she watched an entire playthrough I sent her!) along with getting lost in Zelda while laying in bed, or during my lunch break, or on my TV at home. I also look forward to the fun memories playing local Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and 1-2 Switch will bring. In a world filled with so much toxicity, maybe a vacation to Hyrule and Donk City are just what I need.

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