I remember the first time I saw Axiom Verge I knew it was a game I wanted to cover. Once I received my review copy I dove right tin. The game is big with a lot of hidden items and areas begging to be discovered. In the end I gave the title a 9.5/10 with others such as GiantBomb awarding it the perfect 10/10. My summarizing thought was that Axiom Verge was this generation’s Metroid—something Nintendo doesn’t seem to want to give us.

Fast forward to PAX and I was corresponding back and forth with Tom to get an interview. I was fine with Skype or even an email based Q and A. On the first day of PAX I had all my questions lined up and ready to shoot in an email, not expecting to see him on the expo floor. To my surprise he was there and when I saw him I thanked said how much I loved the game. You know, typical fanboy stuff. He then agreed to answer some questions for us and I was pumped. I tested all the equipment and everything was working without a hiccup—that is—until the interview was over and I realized my mic only recorded the first few seconds of audio.

I was disappointed and devastated.

In the end I spent six plus hours tweaking the audio in order to make out the conversation. I then manually added a few hundred lines of subtitles. And so I present to you, our dear reader/listener/watcher our official interview with Thomas Happ, the sole creator of Axiom Verge.

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