I remember how caught off guard I was when Life is Strange came out. It felt weird to me that Square Enix would invest in something that seemed so minor and low budget from a developer I never heard of before. Then I played the first episode and, while it’s not without it’s faults, I fell in love with Max and Chloe. I fell in love with Arcadia Bay and I was bummed out when the series came to an end. Throughout Max and Chloe’s journey there were twists and turns, tears and laughter, love and heartbreak. I was taken back because the idea of episodic games never really resonated with me until this series. But just like with a good TV show, the end of each episode left me wanting more.

Since that time a new developer, Deck Nine Games, has taken the reins from the previous masterminds over at DONTNOD to pen a prequel of sorts titled Life is Strange: Before the Storm while a proper sequel is being worked on. This new entry takes place three years before the events of the original Life is Strange and looks at what made Chloe the witty rebel from the first game as well as letting us take a peek at what made her relationship with Rachel Amber so special. I finished episode one of the prequel and decided to roundup my reviews of the first five episodes from the original. Since they were written, Pixelrater has gone through three major redesigns and my original review scores are missing, however, they I remember there were none below a 7.5 and I’d give the overall series a 8.5. I really loved it a lot. Newcomers can play the prequel or the original in whichever order they want and episode one of LIS is available for free across all available platforms. Enjoy my reviews below, and I can’t recommend the series enough.

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