Welcome to our first installation of Mobile Games You Mighta Missed – our section where I talk about and review some, well, Mobile Games that you might have missed.

This week we have the hottest game to hit the shelves since Pokemon Go – Magikarp Jump. This game makes a hero out of Pokemon’s most useless character, Magikarp. You embark on your journey and discover a world where competitive Magikarp jumping is the biggest fad, and the way to pave your way to glory. Story-wise, there’s really not a whole lot to have to wrap your head around.

I love how they have to tell you, no really, this is a real official Pokemon game

Essentially, you raise a Magikarp by feeding it berries, training it, and having it hang with some of it’s friends. It’s very low maintenance, but oddly satisfying (like any good mobile game should be). There are random encounters and a decent amount of variety in the game, and a nice stock of collectable things to collect – Magikarp patterns, decorations, and Pokemon friends. It can also all be played offline, as long as you don’t mind not naming your ‘Karps until you’re back online. Overall, it has an extremely charming aesthetic, with bright colors and blocky animations that would make anyone squeal. Check out its official trailer below:

After playing Magikarp Jump for more hours than I’d care to disclose, one of the most striking things about this game is how dark it is. Hands-down, Magikarp Jump is the most violent and upsetting Pokemon game. Very quickly I discovered that my Magikarp child was not invincible, and many a ‘Karp die very gruesome deaths. This game is certainly not for the faint of heart, so do not be fooled by it’s colorful and hip exterior. At the core of Magikarp Jump is a brutal and unforgiving wasteland of fallen brethren, always to be remembered in a slow walk of shame back to your next victim- i mean -child. Keep scrolling below for it’s final score and good/bad lists.

Don’t Die was one of my fav ‘Karps



  • Bright and Colorful Graphics
  • Micro-transactions seem to be way less necessary in order to advance
  • Who doesn’t love Pokemon?
  • Very easy to understand, would be great for a kid
  • Enough randomly generated events/things to keep you excited
  • Charming
  • Available Offline


  • One trick pony, once you have played a half-hour of this game you’ve played it all
  • Feels very grind-y
  • Overly-simplistic
  • Everything you love DIES
Author Daney Rivera
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