Welcome back to MOBILE GAMES YOU MIGHTA MISSED. This week’s #MGYMM is Nonstop Knight, a free to play game available on iOS and Android.

Nonstop Knight is a grinding dungeon-crawler game that’s all about getting as far as you can. Your character moves and fights on their own, allowing you to just worry about upgrading your stats and equipment, using your special attacks, and deciding when to challenge that floor’s boss. When you’ve gone as deep into the dungeon as you’d like, you can ascend back to the top, getting base stat upgrade rewards – making it that much easier to get further than before. The game boasts that it is playable with one thumb and rewards you even when not actively in the game.

Every enemy you kill will drop gold for you to upgrade your inventory, which actually ends up being a very simple but very satisfying upgrade system. Every boss will drop a chest with some kind of loot in it, and you are able to equip new equipment immediately. The equipment that you end up getting is varied and usually will have some kind of modifier on it, which gives the game an unscripted and exciting feeling. After clearing all the enemies or boss on a floor, you automatically move to the next floor until you decide to ascend, which essentially ends that part of your game. You lose all of your gold and equipment that you got, which was something I was surprised about at first, but actually ends up feeling very refreshing. You start out fresh and new on your next run, with only the starting equipment. After ascending, depending on how far you were able to get, you will get another type of currency as a reward, which you can use to upgrade your hero’s base stats – making your next run that much easier.

When in play, you are able to use various special attacks that unlock as you continue to level up your character. Similar to Diablo, each special attack has various runes that add an additional effect to that move, further customizing your adventure. You can also have a pet that fights for you. The combat itself actually plays out pretty well, and since your character moves and does basic attacks on his own, it can end up being fairly relaxing. The combat lends itself really well to mobile, since it doesn’t overcomplicate how you interact with the game.

Overall, Nonstop Knight plays as a super solid mobile game. Its graphics are super charming and the gameplay is very smooth. After awhile it did start to get a bit stale, as you are continuing to do the same basic things over and over again. Still, especially for a free to play game, it is entertaining and exiting enough for me to have revisited it occasionally when commuting.



  • Fun and engaging
  • Well-built upgrade system for weapons and hero character
  • Attainable upgrades with in game currency
  • Game continues even when not playing it, gathering currency to use on upgrades.
  • Able to play offline
  • Nice graphics and color


  • Microtransations, although they are not presented in a terribly annoying way
  • Difficulty curve steepens with progression very quickly
  • Rips through battery life when on screen
Author Daney Rivera
Categories MGYMM Mobile

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