Welcome again to that time of the week where you stay up until 3 am trying to figure out how ‘DOES Mario get his mustache like that’ – Mobile Games You Mighta Missed. This week, we’ve got two zen-inducing favorites, the perfect medicine for a rough NYC day. Stack and Break Liner, both by Katchup Games, prove how extremely simple and minimalist mobile games can still provide a great experience. *Edit: Also get your asses ready for a solid bit about the bullshit of the MTA.

Both Stack and Break Liner have extremely pleasing colors and shapes, and have soothing music to accompany them (slash don’t make your own music turn off if you prefer that). They are also great for your subway commute – both can be played with just one hand and are available offline. I find both to be incredibly soothing and practically like meditation. Even as the MTA continually fucks up every New Yorker’s life, a little slice of peace can be found by finding a bit of calmness and order in these games.

Okay folks so let’s have some real talk. As I am writing this article, I am now going to be late to work because of the incompetence of the MTA. It’s been an hour and I have not been able to leave queens yet because of delays on the N, W, R, E, M, and 7 trains. For all y’all unfamiliar with NYC Subway layout, that is literally EVERY SINGLE TRAIN GOING FROM QUEENS TO MANHATTAN.

Originally, I wanted this #MGYMM to be a nice piece about these two games that I genuinely love, but now, I’m pushed past the breaking point. I’m hot, sweaty, and standing on a platform with at least 300+ people waiting for a damn train to come, which I’m sure isn’t our normal train. At this point, not even the tranquility of Stack or Break Liner can pull me away from this seething rage I have for the MTA. Literally this platform is so full, I’m sure it will be a few trains before I can even get on. (It took 4 trains).

Please, lord in heaven or literally anyone who will listen, fix this bullshit. How many angry tweets about the MTA need to be sent before they realize how consistently they fuck us over?

End Rant

TL;DR – Stack and Break liner are great games, please play them. Fuck the MTA.

You can download Stack for free on the iOS App Store here, and Break Liner for free here.



  • Relaxing and Zen-Inducing
  • Pleasing Colors and Shapes
  • Available Offline (for when you are stuck in a tunnel for a half hour)


  • MTA
Author Daney Rivera
Categories MGYMM


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