So for those of you who don’t know, I’ve never played Minecraft before.

Well, I mean, I did play on Mac, but only for maybe an hour before I decided I had no idea what the fuck I was supposed to do and figured it wasn’t for me. But then it came out on Switch and I was intrigued to give it a second chance since everyone and their mother plays this game, including all my fellow Pixelraters. So yeah, I may be five years behind but now I can say I finally get it! Minecraft is a lot of fun! It’s a super chill game which is the kind of thing I’ve been looking for lately. You can find reviews of Minecraft anywhere, so I decided it’d be fun to share my discoveries as they happen throughout each week until I decide it’s too much of a pain in the ass. 🙂

Launch day

• Died multiple times at first, but am now approaching level 20
• I found steering the boat disorienting at first. I have a much better handle on it now
• I am iron man
• I created a tunnel pretty far down and marked the entrance with an archway with torches
• I built a fence so I can have horses. I managed to make one of them love me, but lack the required saddle to make it go where I want. As a result, I had to keep standing in front of it and push it down a hill into the fenced off area below. 

May 14 2017

• I built a rooftop greenhouse
• Found the edge of the game map. Can't find my base, got lost at night surrounded by a hostile mob,  and the game autosaved with me underwater getting hit from every angle. I reloaded a backup save and disabled autosave. 
• Tristan keeps finding diamonds and it's pissing me off. 

may 15 2017

• After multiple attempts, I have now tamed a dog. He currently resides in my house until I build a fence
• Stumbled upon an island full of farm life like pigs, sheep, cows, chickens, and bunnies. I killed all of them. I kind of feel bad—I didn't even know there were rabbits!
• I felt as though my dog was lonely so I tamed it a friend
• Didn't realize zombies can walk around during the day. Maybe that's why this one was on fire? 
• Deep in the mine I've been in I found gold, but then died. I haven't been able to find it again. 
• I found multiple red stone blocks, however it seems I need an enchantment table which means I need obsidian. I didn't have luck with my first attempt at redirecting flowing water on to lava to make some. I'm going to retry with a bucket later. 

May 16 2017

• I encountered my first enderman. It's speed scared the shit out of me! I managed to slay it and got an ended pearl. I will dig deeper in my mine. 
• I keep finding lapis lazuli but it seems to have litttle use other than dyeing items
• Rotten flesh shouldn't be eaten as expected. I guess it's useless I want to Zombify myself. 
• Got some gold. Maybe it'll be worth a lot of value when trading with a merchant? Whenever I find a village that is.  
• Finished my rooftop greenhouse expansion. I also tamed two sheep who gave birth to a baby sheep. Here was Tristan's response: 

(>0.0)> ~ ||___||

May 17 2017

• I traveled across what seemed far and wide, although I'm sure it wasn't. The best part? I managed to find my way back thanks to the  position of the sun and the damn Lilly pads. 
• I found pumpkins! I also managed to get their seeds and currently have twenty plus growing on my roof. 
• Buckets can hold lava apparently. Who would've thunk it? 
• Speaking of buckets of lava, I found out they can power your furnace for quite a while which is AMAZING since there's an endless lava supply in my nearby mine 
• I still can't find any diamonds. Fuck you Tristan. 

May 18 2017

• After talking with Tristan and Will I forgot I only need a iron pickaxe to mine redstone. I've been confusing it with the requirements to mine diamonds. Well shit.
• My greenhouse is stocked up with pumpkins and carrots now too.
• I found a pig on an island, attached a lead, and pulled it across the ocean to my house. That sounds fucking horiffic, but I assure you I would never do this in real life......except I did it twice in Minecraft because, damn it, I love bacon!
• My dogs helped me fend off the dangers of the night, which was pretty cool. I thought about building a minecart, except I have no idea what it's destination would be.   

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