May 19 2017

  • As I was deep in a mine I saw part of a figure near me and then it exploded and scared the shit out of me!
  • I made a bow! I’m excited to try it out and craft some arrows (something I still think should really possible in Zelda).
  • More importantly than that, I crafted a compass to make a map! No more getting lost for me!
  • My farm animals kept getting out when I would try and bring new ones in the fence. So I killed all of them except the horse.
  • I killed one of my dogs by accident!! 🙁 It kept towards a zombie and I get it mid swing….my heart ached. I tamed another so my other pup wouldn’t be lonely

May 21 2017

  • I finally found diamonds!
  • I made a diamond pick axe a sword. I kept the phone pick axe and have the sword on display near my bed.

May 22 2017

  • I figured out how to mine obsidian without it getting melted by lava!
  • I constructed a jukebox, although I have no music discs….so I don’t know how to get music to play on it.
  • I encountered my first witch in what I’m assuming is my first dungeon! She fucked me up pretty good until I was on my last half a heart, but I managed to take her down. I’m going to check out the dungeon later.
  • as soon as I returned to my humble abode I crafted an enchantment table. I may make an addition for it with a surrounding bookcase since I heard that provided a boost to enchantments.
  • I ran into a dog I that I forgot followed me into my mine after leaving him there. I think he will be my mine pal!
  • With the help of the map I dig an underground tunnel from my mine to my house. I’ll hopefully connect them with a mine cart soon

May 23 2017

  • There was a third stray dog who wondered into my house. I tamed him too except he was a pig and required thirteen bones!
  • Found a fourth stray nearby stuck in a tunnel I dig. I’ll probably take him too as my wolf pack grows.
  • After a lot of block counting and coordinate checking, my underground tunnel connecting the inside of my house to my ever growing web of mines is complete.
  • I built a tack going from under my house to the main opening of my mine. VERY NICE! I LIKE!

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