I’m not much for awards shows, especially when they’re about video games. However, I did tune into Geoff Keighley’s awards program last night for one purpose…

The Legend of Zelda.

As promised, Nintendo showed up full force and delivered a new trailer for Breath of the Wild. Just like in 2014, when they announced the game at the same place, they teased with some brand new footage. While the trailer was absent of the crazy action and reveals we are used to, there were some interesting things things of note.


A Beautiful but Tragic World
I’ve said it a bunch, but that’s not about to stop me from saying it right now.

This game looked flipping gorgeous. Like “Holy crap, look how pretty my Bride is”, gorgeous. They teased us with some beautiful backdrops of the overworld and wandering village life, along side some magnificent changing seasons.


They also gave us a a reveal that this world is not at peace. Something has happened to leave some substantial structures in ruins. It’s eerie and strikes a cord that you are indeed stepping right into a Hero’s Story.


Pup Life!
Check out this adorable doge!


Okay, the dog isn’t the only thing to note… Look how these characters move and begin to interact with their world. Gone are the stoic and stationary NPC’s who bark orders and make demands! It’s obvious that the Zelda universe is evolving and Nintendo is clearly making every effort they can to make this feel like a living, evolving environment.

Link as a Servant.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about slavery or anything of the sort. But in the series’ past, Link has always been a relatively relaxed, free-roaming creature. He’s usually coaxed into adventure by some unfortunate circumstance. In this scene, we see he is clearly bowing down to someone he looks toward; maybe for guidance or order. We don’t know if this is Princess Zelda herself, a Goddess, or even some unknown inductee. What we do know is it seems like Link’s vague backstory is going to have some pretty distinct direction.

Gender Selection!?
I haven’t been this excited by boobs since I was 15!


Jokes aside, this scene shows a character looking strikingly close to our male protagonist, dressed almost the same, holding the same item he carries on his journey. This could be nothing more than a cutscene, but being able to select the gender of our Hero sure sounds refreshing!

Sure, the game is slowly slipping into Duke Nukem: Forever style oblivion, with the release dates pushing further with each passing day, but it sure looks pretty every time they tease us. I don’t care how long I have to wait… The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has me excited for Nintendo’s future.

Alongside the cinematic trailer, Nintendo also uploaded a video to their Youtube channel of the wonderful Bill Trinen (and co) with some hands on playing. You can check out some great exploration, and VERY fluid looking combat. Check it out!

Also, while I may not be a fan of awards shows, I don’t speak for everyone here at Pixelrater. If you wanna know more on our thoughts of last nights show. Check out Antonio’s fantastic coverage right here!

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