If you weren’t already confused enough about Nintendo’s naming scheme for the 3DS family, brace yourself, there’s another one to add to the list.

Introducing the New Nintendo 2DS XL

You would think I own enough Nintendo consoles already, that I don’t need this in my life, that the pile of dormant dusty clamshells sitting on my shelf are enough. But dammit… Take all of my money, Nintendo.

Not to be confused with the 2DS or New Nintendo 3DS or even the New Nintendo 3DS XL, the New 2DS XL is here to burn another hole in your pocket. While we all thought the Switch would sweep the rest of Nintendo’s handheld market under the rug, it looks like the 3DS is trying to make a last push for greatness. With a sexy form factor like that, it might succeed. Launching a sleek update of a handheld so late in its lifespan is nothing new for Nintendo. We saw the same thing with the Game Boy Micro, the Nintendo DSi XL. Hell, you could even go back as far as the top loading NES to see that they’re experts in trying to sell you stuff you probably already own.


The New Nintendo 2DS XL sport all the features we’ve grown accustomed to in the 3DS family, trading in the signature 3D visual features for a 50 dollar cheaper tag compared to its more advanced brother, the New 3DS XL. It will play all the same games.
I really like the matte color choice and the textured lid cover. It reminds me a bit of that weird, tiny, toploading Wii they sold in Canada for a while. Oh, It also has one returning feature that we haven’t in a while:


The device will launch on July 28th, alongside Miitopia and Hey! Pikmin. It will retail at $149.99 USD and$199.99 in Canada.

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