This current generation of gaming was, for the most part, one hell of a leap from the last generation in every conceivable way. The graphics weren’t only prettier they were in high definition (sadly most weren’t full HD on PS3). The enemies and environments were more complex. And I can’t forget about the game changer that is online gaming! And here I am, in 2013 having a ton of fun with a console that is over a decade old. And do you know why that is? Because in my opinion the gaming industry has been in a rut. A stagnant, sequel churning, bloodbath of a rut. Last year’s E3 disappointed me. I don’t mind shooters and violent games-as my friends can tell you, I’m the first one to argue for their right to exist. But damn that’s pretty much all there was. I get it. That’s what sells to all the teens and CoD people who love to trash talk and t-bag their way up the leader boards, but that’s just not me. I was over that when Halo 3 wasn’t popular anymore. As I await the awesomeness that will be my PlayStation 4 and the new IP it will bring, I happily play my GameCube I purchased last week on eBay. I have recently discovered gems I never played before like Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi’s Mansion, and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. These games will tide me over until GTA V. And hopefully I’ll get to head on down to South Park and have myself a time. Do you find yourself playing any old gems lately?

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