Love it or hate it (and why would you?) the PS4 Pro is out in the wild. If you listen to our podcast, then you may already know that I went back and forth about whether I was even going to get the Pro. I knew I was buying PlayStation VR, so the beefier console didn’t seem necessary (and it really isn’t). But if you don’t already know, I love my PSVR, and it was a big reason why I went and got the Pro—I want the best possible visuals and power behind the immersive experiences the PlayStation headset can give me. I just finished Robinson The Journey after streaming the whole game on our Twitch Channel and I have to say, it does look sharper running on the Pro. Battlezone also looks fantastic and added a bunch of lighting effects that Sony’s original console couldn’t render.

This is by no means a review. It’s simply an unboxing and comparison in size with the Xbox One and the original PS4. Oh, and I also show you how to upgrade the Pro’s hard drive (hint: it’s super easy). If you’re interested, I have a basic rundown of the differences between the PS4 and the Pro. If you already picked one up, I also have an article detailing the nearly 40 games with Pro enhancements at launch. Enjoy!

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