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Recap 10.28.16


  • The Tomorrow Children is now free-to-play on PS4

  • According to some math by Mark Cerney, developers only need to devote less than one percent of their budget to support PS4 Pro. This may not be too far fetched as the studio behind Days Gone has a single person working on support for PS4 Pro.

  • PSVR has once again sold out on Amazon in the US and the UK. It also has pretty limited availability at retailers such as GameStop and Best Buy.

  • Shawn Levy, the director of the highly acclaimed Netflix original series Stranger Things, has been confirmed to be at the helm of Sony’s live action Uncharted movie.

  • Sony announced new third party officially licensed PS4 controllers.

  • Knack is gaining PS4 Pro support. Why, nobody knows.


  • Microsoft announced Windows 10 will gain the ability to stream games directly from the OS itself thank to it’s acquisition of Beam this past year. It will roll out in a few Spring Creators Update.

  • Microsoft is working on Windows 10 VR headsets starting at $299.


  • After December Miitomo will no longer support devices running iOS 7. While we know this effects a small subset of people, any support ending for any device is worth mentioning.

  • Nintendo has come out and officially stated that the Switch’s reveal trailer doesn’t represent actual gameplay footage. We’re dying here at Pixelrater to know more!

  • Game peripherals company EiMO is releasing a replica of the NES Advantage controller for the NES Classic mini console called “The Edge” controller. It will release at an unspecified date for $24.99 along side a control pad with turbo support for $14.99.

  • Nintendo president Tatsumi Kamishima said the company is listening to what consumers expect when setting Switch’s price. He also confirmed the console won’t be sold at a loss and that Nintendo is expecting to see two million units this fiscal year ending in March.

  • Nintendo’s Switch reveal trailer has been viewed by almost 25 million people with a 95% positive reaction. Hopefully they can carry this kind of mass excitement and positivity through the console’s launch and beyond.

  • Capcom announced Monster Hunger XX is currently in development for 3DS and launches March 18 in Japan with no mention of a release in there regions

  • Nintendo will reveal the Switch’s price, release date, and game lineup during a live stream January 12, 2017.

Industry News

  • Cartoon Network Battle Crashers releases November 6

  • Bethesda announced they will no longer be sending advanced review copies to the media and if they do it will be the day before release. Ouch.

  • Or seems going free-to-play couldn’t evolve EVOLVE into a game worth saving as 2K Games announced there pulling the plug October 27.

  • According to the official Tumblr The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is coming to iOS and Apple TV with cloud save and Bluetooth gamepad support.

  • GameStop is once again accepting tradeins for retro consoles and games like NES, Sega Genesis, N64, and more.