• Resident Evil 7’s VR mode will be exclusive to PS VR for the first year and Batman Arkham VR will be exclusive until March 

  • Those who preorder Call of Duty Infinite Warfare on PS4 can download Modern Warfare’s campaign a month early starting October 5

  • It was announced by Bethesda a few weeks ago that Fallout 4 and Skyrim wouldn’t be receiving mod support on PS4 which pissed off a lot of people. Those people bitched online and now both games will be receiving mod support, albeit in limited fashion on Sony’s platform as they can only support assets that are included with the game and does not permit user created.

  • Gravity Rush 2 has been pushed back to 2017



  • Microsoft announced a new feature called Achievement Rarity will be making it’s way to Xbox One and is already available to Preview members. If the trophy is really rare it makes a special unlock sound with a new animation. You can see and hear it in action here.

  • The Coalition Studio along with Universal Pictures and Microsoft announced a film adaptation of Gears of War is being worked on.



  • The Voice, based on the popular show of the same name, is being released on Wii, and not Wii U, in the UK this November (though you can obviously still play it on your Wii U thanks to the system’s Wii backwards compatibility).

  • Clear out your 3DS microSD card, because it’s been confirmed Pokémon Sun and Moon will take up 3.2 GB of space. Personally, I have plenty left because I have a 64 GB in mine. While not officially supported, it’s easy to format the card so the 3DS can use all that space.


Industry News

  • Pro Call of Duty player Phillip Klemenov was killed in car wreck at the age of 23

  • A demo for Outlast 2 has released across PS4, Xbox One, and Steam until November 1. According to multiple reports, it’s pretty terrifying. I got the original free throws fu PlayStation Plus and played it for maybe an hour before promptly uninstalling the game and never going back. I’m a punk, I know. 

  • Beyond Good & Evil 2 may have been announced back in 2008, but according to official word from the game’s creator Michel Ancel and Ubisoft, it’s only just now entering pre-production. Ouch. Maybe by the time it releases, it’ll have skipped two console generations. 

  • If, like me, you haven’t played the original Beyond Good & Evil, Ubisoft is making sure price isn’t an excuse. If you’re an Ubisoft Club member (which is free) you’ll be able to download the title free of charge for a month starting October 12.

  • According to a post by moderator R0ugeW0lf, the No Man’s Sky subreddit had become “a hate filled wastehole of no actual discussion”, so he decided to close it down. As you can imagine this sparked huge pushback within the reddit community and caused R0ugeW0lf to step down. Other moderators have since stepped in to fill his roll and reopened the thread.

  • If you have Amazon Prime you have Twitch Prime too. So, uh, congratulations! You can read about all the features of Twitch Prime in Amazon’s blog post, but some key features include ad free viewing and the ability to subscribe to one channel free of charge every thirty days. 

  • Twitch also announced users can now upload edited videos like walkthroughs, letsplays, highlight reels, and more to their service. 

  • That Dragon Cancer is out now on iPhone and iPad for $4.99. It’s a gut wrenching story about a family losing their very young son to cancer and is one of the only games that made me cry—more than once actually.

  • Oculus announced their Touch controllers will be release December 6 for $199 a pair. If you want an additional camera you can purchase that too for $79 each. 

  • Oculus can now run on affordable hardware thanks to technology called Asynchronous Spacewarp. This allows systems to deliver a stable 45 frames per second while the ASW technology effectively doubles that and fills in the gaps. The company also announced an AMD powered entry level PC for $499 to help get you started.

  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to the stage at Oculus’s VR event and showed off a standalone headset that doesn’t need to attach to anything and includes inside-out tracking, where the sensors are placed on the hardware and the markers that allow the tracking are placed on the environment.


  • NX will be 3-4 times more powerful than the Wii U

  • According to multiple reports, Nintendo will unveil the NX October 21 in a Nintendo Direct. This date also marks the fifth anniversary of the Direct series.

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