• Sony is releasing a new version of its PlayStation VR headset later this month which will include a few minor, but helpful, changes to the PlayStation 4’s virtual reality hardware. The new model, CUH-ZVR2, features a “slimmer, streamlined” connection cable and integration of stereo headphone cables directly into the headset. The hardware revision will also come with a new version of the Processor Unit, the breakout box that connects a PlayStation VR to a PS4, which supports HDR pass through.

  • In a recent feature with Bloomberg Bluhole’s founder said that his company is in talks with “all of the major console companies about bringing PUBG to a broader audience.” He mentioned the Xbox version that will be launching later this year, and specifically stated that Bluehole and Sony are thinking about a release for the PS4 after that.

  • In 2011 Andrew House took over a troubled PlayStation brand from Kaz Hirai and has since restored its place as a leader in the gaming industry. Now, Sony has announced he’s stepping down from his post as president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment. He will be replaced by current deputy president John Kodera effective immediately, but will remain in a new position as chairman through the end of the year to smooth the transition. When House originally took the reins, he had a tough job ahead of him coming off of a disappointing run with the PS3 that included “$599 US dollars”, “Ridgeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Racer!”, and a hacking incident that took down PlayStation Network for more than a month. House has been with PlayStation since the beginning, working in Sony’s marketing and communications department on the launch of the original console, eventually running the PlayStation business in Europe as of 2009. The new CEO Kodera has been with Sony since 1992, and worked on services for the PlayStation Network since 2010, overseeing the launch of PlayStation Vue, PlayStation Now and PS VR. We wish House the best of luck on his future endeavors.

  • Gran Turismo Sport is getting a four-day demo , and any progress you make during the sample period will carry through to the full game. Scheduled to run from 12:00AM PT on October 9 through 8:00AM PT on October 12, you’ll be able to earn up to $1MM in-game credits in the demo to transfer into the final product.

  • Horizon: Zero Dawn hasn’t really been out long enough to win any awards yet, but it looks like that won’t stop Sony from shipping a Complete Edition of the popular RPG prior to the holidays. Players can pick up Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for $49.99 on December 5 which includes the base game, all DLC, and the Frozen Wilds expansion. Not a bad deal at all!

  • PlayStation 4 firmware update 5.00 released and introduces features like the new “Family on PlayStation Network” system, an enhanced Twitch broadcast option on PlayStation 4 Pro at 1080p 60fps, and a variety of new features for Notifications, Messages, and more. For a big point 0 update, it’s really lacking in headlining features.

  • After initially declining the idea, CD Projekt Red released a PS4 Pro patch for The Witcher III which added 4K support and better performance to the studio’s epic RPG. We’re sure a patch for Xbox One X won’t be far behind after release.


  • It’s the end of an era for Nintendo as the company announced the Wii eShop Channel will close it’s doors on January 31, 2019. Users will have until March 27, 2018 to add funds and the remaining time to use them. Unused points cannot be refunded—so use them up! Those who purchased games will be able to re-download them for now, although Nintendo pointed out that this functionality will shut down at some point as well.

  • Sumo Digital is changing the icon for Snake Pass (review) back to the original after loud fan backlash. We’ve gone back and forth here at Pixelrater about the significance of something like an icon on the Switch’s home screen. Even still, I have to admit, the original was much more pleasing and fit in more with other app icons.

    “The reaction to the icon change has been interesting, and as this is our first self-published title, it’s definitely a valid part of our learning experience. It’s also testament to the passion that players have for Nintendo and Switch that a detail like icons are part of the overall gaming experience and connection they have with the handheld. We’ve definitely taken the feedback on board and will be changing the icon back with the next update which is due early next year. It’ll mean the branding isn’t unified but our focus is on our players and community so we’re OK with that.”

  • We said last week that Miiverse is shutting down on November 7, but it looks like Nintendo wants to celebrate their little social network with a new ‘Everybody’s Message’ community and the following message:

    ”Share your memories and thoughts about Miiverse and its users by posting hand-drawn messages. Selected posts from this community may be used to create a giant collage that will be shared at a later date.”


  • Xbox One and Windows 10’s Groove Music service will be shutting down. The Xbox one app will be replaced by Spotify as the default music app for Xbox one, and Spotify will be releasing a tool in the future to transfer your music and playlists from Grove to Spotify seamlessly. Subscribers can retrieve their purchased music until December. 31, 2017.

  • Word on the street is Microsoft is looking to extend their console exclusive deal for PUBG so it doesn’t see a release on PlayStation for a bit longer. I honestly can’t blame them because, well, they really have nothing exclusive that’s creating buzz.

  • All of the original Destiny’s PlayStation exclusive content is, at long last, available on Xbox, finally bringing people on Microsoft systems up to speed after multiple years of lagging behind their Sony counterparts. While Xbox isn’t my platform of choice this generation, I think keeping content off a platform until your second game is out is ridiculous. I’m hoping this doesn’t happen with Destiny 2 for my Xbox friends.

  • Spotify will take over as Xbox One’s music service, Microsoft announced yesterday, and the console’s Groove Music Pass will close down at the end of the year. Spotify is working on a tool to transfer users’ playlists over to their service. Those who hold a Groove Music Pass subscription that extends beyond Dec. 31 will be given a prorated refund or a Microsoft gift card for the remaining value.

Industry News

  • Players have finally destroyed an alien ship in Elite: Dangerous, and the pilot credited for the first kill is the (apparently) notorious commander Josh “Harry Potter” Chamberlain and his clan, the Smiling Dog Crew (SDC).

  • Last week, Konami announced a new update for Super Bomberman R. The company is adding Grand Prix mode as well as the Jehuty, Anubis, and Reiko Hinomoto Bombers. More information has been shared about the update in recent days.

  • As of today, folks who buy an HTC Vive will get a copy of Fallout 4 VR at no extra charge as part of a new promo, Bethesda and HTC are including a pre-order code “while supplies last.” The game itself —which is Fallout 4 with “all-new combat, crafting, and building systems fully reimagined for virtual reality,” according to the developer—doesn’t launch until December 12, 2017.

  • There’s a high-profile Star Wars Battlefront II launching later this year, but a long time ago, another game by the same name released and it’s still beloved by many. Well now it’s set to make something of a resurgence as GOG has worked with Disney to relaunch 2005’s Star Wars Battlefront II’s multiplayer component for Steam and GOG. Online multiplayer for the title originally ended in 2014 when matchmaking middleware GameSpy shut down. Since then, people have used third-party tools to keep the game alive. GOG says that multiplayer will automatically work and all players will have to do is launch the game through GOG or Steam.

  • The ongoing discoveries within Elite Dangerous continue to fascinate as encounters with the game’s alien faction, called the Thargoids, are increasing in frequency. But while the majority of players seem focused on destroying the aliens’ massive ships, others are trying to understand their unique markings. Some think it could be the first step in decoding the game’s alien language. Players who have come across Thargoids in the game world noticed that some appear to have unique markings near their central “eye” or “cockpit.” As new player equipment was rolled out, players discovered that those symbols were readable from their cockpits. One player, who goes by the handle Commander Orodir, began collecting images of those markings, while Commander Olivia Vespera and others have worked to collate them.

  • The Fall Part 2: Unbound (Part One Review)has been delayed into February 2018 for further polish and to avoid the crowded launch of the Holiday release window

  • In perhaps the most perfect but repulsive South Park: The Fractured But Whole marketing stunt yet, Ubisoft is running a competition that could see your fart added to the game. As part of a The Voice spoof site, you’ll be able to upload your own butt music.

  • Netflix original hit Stranger Things will premier its second season later this month, on October 27. To build up hype, Netflix has released a free RPG-style Stranger Things game on iPhone and iPad which you can check out now.

  • Did you ask for a Commodore 64 mini Console with 64 games you may have never heard of and don’t want to play? Us either. But if you are one of those people, you’ll be able to pick up yours in early 2018 for $70—just don’t expect to flip it for any sort of profit.

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