• PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim sales are neck and neck in Japan, boosting Sony’s overall sales numbers significantly

  • Sony’s PlayStation Vue is now available on the fourth gen Apple TV

  • Mods are now available for Fallout 4 on PS4

  • The Last Guardian got a new CG trailer



  • Xbox One’s holiday updates has started rolling out to users and contains features like Clubs, a Looking for Group, Achievement Rarity, Group Messaging and more.



  • Super Mario Run launches on the App Store on December 15 as a free-to-try title. Unlocking the whole game will be an in-app-purchase of $9.99. We have our initial thoughts here.

  • Nintendo’s stock rose near 6% with the announced release date and pricing of Super Mario Run. Even if a fraction of the game’s 20 million people on the notification list buy the game, it’ll still help make quite a bit of money.

  • Nintendo will partner with escape-room designer SCRAP to bring “Defenders of the Triforce” to eight cities beginning Jan. 31, offering fans a chance to experience the world of Hyrule in real-life.

  • Nintendo registered a trademark for Wave Race in Europe

  • Nintendo stealth released Swapdoodle, a replacement for the company’s popular Swapnote app

  • Pokémon Sun and Moon have both released

Industry News

  • Overwatch’s Sombra update is live for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Overwatch version 1.5 also introduces a new map and arcade mode for players to enjoy.

  • Atlus is pushing back Persona 5 in the US and Europe to April 4, 2017 the company announced in a livestream.

  • A group of hackers mined FIFA coins from EA’s servers and sold them on the “black market” to dealers in Europe and China. The FBI alleges the group made between $15 and $18 million.

  • Vivendi continues its hostile takeover of independently run Ubisoft, and now owns 24% of the company.

  • Last year Konami banned Hideo Kojima from attending the Video Game Awards and accepted a award on his behalf. Many people, including Geoff Keighley, were livid. Well Geoff just announced Hideo will be on stage this year to accept the industry icon award at this year’s Video Game Awards show.

  • A YouTube star based in Brooklyn named Ekita gained a lot more attention when he livestreamed what he claimed to be a Nintendo Switch that he received early. However, Reddit was quick to determine the console was a complete fake which was later also debunked by the faux Switch’s creator, Frank Sandqvist. These were the guys who brought you the fake Switch controller that made the rounds earlier this year.



  • Telltale Games is reportedly working on a game based on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, according to details released by actors union SAG-AFTRA and a report from

  • The latest Nintendo Switch rumor points to a $250 price point going up to around $315 with a bundled game and more internal storage.

  • Switch will received a third upcoming Pokémn titled called Pokémon Stars to go along side Sun and Moon. According to reports it will have a quick save feature, use signifiicantly higher resolution assets, and interconnect with Sun and Moon via the Pokémon Bank app.

  • Ubisoft is working on a Raving Rabbids/Super Mario RPG crossover in collaboration with Nintendo for the upcoming Switch titled Mario RPG: Invasion of the Rabbids. Sources say it will be shown off during next year’s Nintendo Switch presentation in January.

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