• In case you missed it, the Resident Evil VII demo demo for PS4 has been updated with support for PSVR as well as adding new areas.

  • Sony announced six titles will make their way to iOS and Android within the next year including properties like PaRappa The Rapper, Wild Arms, and more. So uh, happy fifth anniversary PS Vita!

  • Sony announced Project Field which looks to ring card games to life. As of writing it’s Japan only and is kind cling off with the ever popular Yoki-Watch.

  • PlayStation 4 has crossed over fifty million units sold to consumers.


  • The upcoming 3DS title Poochy & Yoshi’s Wooly World will run at 30fps on the original 3DS and a silky smooth 60fps on the new 3DS

  • The Switch has a few months until release and we don’t have a games lineup yet, but that hasn’t stopped third party manufacturers from making accessories. EB has a few you can look at here.

  • Pokémon Sun and Moon’s latest legendary. Magearna, is now available.

  • BoxBoy 3 is coming along with an amiibo.

  • If you fancy yourself a bit of a hacker, Nintendo is paying upwards of $20k in bounties for 3DS security vulnerabilities.

  • Sprint and Starbucks both announced a partnership with Niantic to turn their stores into Pokéstops. So yeah, if you’re a frequent to either of those places and still play Pokémon GO for some reason, I guess this announcement may be exciting to you.


Industry News

  • Russia is looking to ban FIFA due to rainbow jerseys in the game which the country argues is dangerous to children.

  • A holiday event for Overwatch is kicking off on December 13.

  • Whether you watched The Video Game Awards like me or sat it out like Tristan, overall viewership was up 65% to around four million.

  • FF XV is getting free updates including more story content and cutscenes to help flesh out the game’s characters as well as enhancements to the oft maligned chapter 13. You can read up all about Square Enix’s intended roadmap here.

  • Rockstar’s Bully has released iOS and Android seemingly out of nowhere for $6.99. As you can imagine, this excited Tristian enormously. No really, it did.



  • One of the latest Switch rumors claims that when the system is docked, the CPU and GPU run at a higher frequency and a fan in the dock helps to cool the system. I’ve been speculating this from the beginning.

  • Perhaps more interesting is the rumor that Switch will be getting GameCube titles to it’s Virtual Console with games like Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi’s Mansion, and Super Smash Bros Melee kicking things off.

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