• PS4 firmware update 4.50 is out and includes new features for owners of PS4, PS4 Pro, and PSVR. Some of these features are custom wallpapers, external hard drive support, improved menu resolution for PSVR, improved resolutions and frame rates for cinematic mode on PSVR, boost mode for PS4 Pro, and more. PSVR is getting its first firmware update since release, bringing it to version 2.40.

  • Gran Turismo Sport is getting a closed beta beginning March 17 for players in the US. You can sign up to access the beta here if you want.


  • While specific numbers aren’t available, Nintendo Switch sales numbers have broken records in territories like Japan, Europe, and here in the US which is great news for the house of Mario.

  • Not only is the Switch off to a good start, but The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is currently one of the highest rated games of all time with over forty-three perfect scores from various outlets on Metacritic with an average score of 98.

  • The Binding of Issac is coming to Switch March 17.

Industry News

  • Another free content update is on the way for No Man’s Sky. This comes months after the first major update, titled The Foundation Update. This new update will add vehicular exploration on your home planet along with a permadeath option, base sharing online, and more.

  • Following the footsteps of Mass Effect 3, the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda will also receive free multiplayer DLC like maps, weapons, and more.

  • In case you forgot, there is a movie in the works based on the Just Cause series. Although it’ll more than likely suck, we have some news to share. It has been revealed that Jason Momoa (known for his role in Game of Thrones) will play Rico Rodriguez (known for blowing shit up).

  • Overwatch’s Ana is set to receive some hefty nerf. Her Biotic Rifle damage is going from 80 to 60, her Biotic Grenade going from 60 to 30 and 100 to 50. When it comes to damage and healing impacts respectively. Junkrat also won’t hurt himself from his own explosions anymore (poor Pharah), and Orisa is getting some small nerfs in the form of a lower magazine size (150 down from 200) and a Supercharger cost increase (15%).

  • Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series from Telltale Games will premiere this spring with an original story not related to the movies.

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