• Sony announced the Jak & Daxter trilogy as well as the spinoff title Jak X Combat Racing will be coming tonPS4 later this year as PS2 classics. Games re-released on PS4 in this fashion gain improvements like 1080p graphics and trophies. The trilogy has long been available for purchase as the Jack & Daxter Collection for PS3 and PS Vita.

  • Persona 5, the latest entry in the coveted series, is available now on PS4 in the Americas and Europe.

  • it’s has been revealed that NieR: Automata sales for both digital and the physical have surpassed 1M units.

  • Virry VR and Sony have teamed up to launch as Virry VR app for PSVR after the app’s success on iOS (iTunes link ( The app’s purpose is to bring education and awareness about wildlife conservation to a wider audience in a fun and interactive way. Players can feed lions, take a mud bath with rhinos, or float around on a river all while learning interesting facts about African wildlife.


  • Nicalis has announced CaveStory+ is making its way to Nintendo Switch for $29.99. The asking price is double that of other platforms like Steam. Part of the reason is due to a physical release (game cards cost more than discs to manufacture) but the title will get some Switch exclusive goodies like new stages and local multiplayer. It’s worth noting multiplayer won’t launch when the game dies, but is expected to be added via an update some time in the summer.

  • RiME has been pushed to Q3 2017 for Switch. This is the latest bit of disappointing news after it was revealed the title would cost $10 more for Switch owners due to manufacturing costs.

  • I really enjoyed the first part of The Fall, as indicated in my review, and John Warner gave us some interesting insight into the game’s conception and development in our interview. The team at Over the Moon Games has announced The Fall Part 2 will be making its way to Switch with the Wii U version cancelled. The studio cites the big N sunsetting support for the ailing console as the reason for the Switch. (LOL)

  • The latest hardware issue for Switch appears to be consoles that start to bend near the right side of the system’s exhaust vent. We’re sure this issue is few and far between, although our very own Daney appears to be having this issue.

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  • The folks over at Digital Foundry have a comprehensive article in their official reveal of Microsoft’s next Xbox, Project Scorpio. You can find the fifteen minute video at the bottom of this article which goes into greater detail.
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  • The company behind the Pitch Perfect movies, Gold Circle Entertainment along with dj2 Entertainment (also working on the Sleeping Dogs movie) are helping the team over at Compulsion Games’ bring We Happy Few to the big screen. Everything is currently is in the very early stages of development, with no writers or anything yet chosen.

  • if you haven’t played Dishonored 2 yet, you’ll have the chance to try the first three levels on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam with Progress able to be carried over into the full game.

  • Fans have waited years for Persona 5 and it seems as though Altus really doesn’t want you spoiling the game for anyone. According to a recent statement, the company disabled the sharing features on PS4 and warned users that sharing or streaming footage after the in game date of July 7 would see their accounts hit with a content ID warning or account suspension. Anything prior to the July 7 cutoff is fair game, however. So if you plan on streaming Persona 5, be careful.

  • Here in America on April Fools Day, Sega release an 8-bit version of Bayonetta on Steam ( with two achievements that pointed to a URL for a secret site ( The site’s page has a countdown to April 11 at 12pm EST with a very faint image of a foot in the background. This has led many fans to speculate that Bayonetta is heading to PC

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