• Sony is teaming up with Technicolor on a Sly Cooper cartoon. We have no other details on the project to share at this time.


  • Capcom has stated if there is enough demand for Dragon Ball Z to come to Switch, then the company may make it happen.

  • Just because Switch doesn’t let you consume content doesn’t mean it won’t let you create it. Next year FUZE Code Studio, a widely popular coding platform for kids, will launch on the console. To make it even better, users will be able to plug in a USB keyboard to the dock and type that way thanks to the 3.0 software update that released this past week.

  • Pokémon GO will be getting a reworked gym system, add co-op raids, add new items, and more this summer.

  • This week Nintendo released software update 3.0 for Switch. The update should fix the HDMI switching issues users were experiencing along with and adding new features like an option to change the volume level in the quick menu, follow news channels for specific games, and more.

Industry News

  • IO Interactive is now an independent studio after breaking away from Square Enix. Not only that, but the company has also retained the rights to the Hitman franchise.

  • Iron Galaxy has revealed Killer Instinct is coming to Steam after being exclusive to the Windows 10 Store on PC.

  • Project Rap Rabbit, a rhythm game by the creators of Parappa and Gitaroo-Man, ended its Kickstarter campaign today far short of its goal. Its creators say they won’t pursue another crowdfunding campaign, but had a “very busy E3 filled with meetings about our vision” and are “determined… to bring Project Rap Rabbit to life.”

  • According to reports, Rockstar may be remastering Team Bondi’s PS3 exclusive title, LA. Noire for PS4. The latest rumor attached to this is that Rockstar is prototyping PSVR support, which I think could work well.

  • Popular gaming site Destructoid has agreed to be acquired by Enthusiast Gaming based out of Toronto, Canada.

  • Blizzard announced some new changes coming to Overwatch in an update that’s currently being tested in the PTR (Public Test Region). Changes include “drastically reducing the amount of duplicates player will receive when opening loot boxes” and, in line with that change, it is also “increasing the overall amount of credits players will receive from loot boxes.”

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