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  • During a panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Vicarious Visions revealed that the lost level, Stormy Ascent, would be available as a download via the PlayStation Store for free. Stormy Ascent was a level in the first Crash game that originally got scrapped because it was ultimately considered too difficult.


  • After a buyer on eBay failed to pay up, a sealed copy of the very rare NES game Stadium Events has sold to a private game collector for $42K. Of all of the games that Nintendo officially licensed for its 8-bit NES, Stadium Events is by far the rarest, because it was on shelves for a very brief window of time before being pulled and replaced with World Class Track Meet.

  • Splatoon 2 may have just released last Friday, but that hasn’t stopped Nintendo from releasing the first free bit of DLC. The company is planning on supporting Splatoon 2 with free DLC over the next two years, which is something we believe looking back at the impressive support the original Splatoon received. The new weapon, the Inkbrush, features Splat Bombs as its Sub Weapon and Splashdown as its Special Weapon.

  • Minecraft received a new patch on Switch which enables 1080p visuals when docked. Previously the game ran at 720p when both docked and undocked in handheld mode.

  • We have some exciting news for our fans in Argentina who have been waiting desperately for Switch to release in their country. The console is set to launch August 15 with preorders going live July 28! Those who preorder will get 50% off their choice of game including Breath of the Wild (review), Ultra Street Fighter II (review) I, 1-2 Switch, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (review), or Splatoon 2.

  • Nintendo has recorded it’s best results for Q1 since 2011 with 1.38B profit! The company also sold 1.97M Switch consoles, bringing the lifetime total so far to 4.7M. To go along with the 1.97M Switches was a software attach rate totaling 8.14M units for the quarter.


  • Head of Xbox Phil Spencer tweeted this week that the “plan is set” to announce pre-orders for Microsoft’s new console, Xbox One X.

  • Graceful Explosion Machine received a new update to version 1.10. Some of the changes include a redesigned score screen, a newly created AI system for capturing the best part of your run to display on the score screen, and loading times that have nearly doubled in speed. The title is also coming to PS4 August 8.

Industry News

  • Last week we reported that SEGA ended it’s 24 year partnership with Archie comics, however, this week we learned the blue blur isn’t leaving comics—he’s just changing publishers. A few days ago, SEGA announced a new partnership with IDW Publishing that will see a new line of Sonic comics starting in 2018.

  • Dying Light, which launched in 2015, still has such a large and devoted following that Techland has planned 10 free DLC drops over the coming year as a thank you. Even at two years old, the game maintains a weekly player base averaging around 500K.

  • CD Projekt Red will be showcasing its latest title, GWENT: The Witcher Card Game, with an official tournament at this year’s games com during a two day event starting August 25.

  • Retail giant Walmart has cancelled all SNES Classic preorders on their site claiming a technical glitch

  • Techland, the developer and publisher behind titles such as Dying Light, is giving PC gamers a new place to buy games with their new digital distribution service, Gemly. The platform is currently selling software for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

  • It’s official, The Sims 4 will be heading to PS4 and Xbox One this November. Why, nobody knows. If you’ve somehow never played a Sims game and are interested, subscribers to EA Access on Xbox One will be able to play for free from Nov. 9 to Nov. 17 with their progress carrying over to the main game.

  • Physical rewards for Mighty No. 9 have gone out to backers a full two years after they were promised, and they aren’t pretty. Issues range from monochrome manuals that don’t even fit in the box to just low quality work. What a dumpster fire that game turned out to be.

  • A mint-condition sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. from one of its earliest print runs sold at auction for $30,100.44 on eBay yesterday afternoon, and the seller confirmed to Kotaku that the buyer has paid up.

  • Destiny 2’s beta for PC will take place starting August 28.

  • A class action lawsuit against Niantic has been filed in hopes of refunding peoples’ travel expenses

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