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  • PS4 sales are nearing 64M as Sony continues to turn the company around to good financial health


  • RiME is (finally) coming to Switch this November. Norther American gamers can expect to pick it up on the 14 while European gamers can grab it three days later on the 17.

  • You may be experiencing Splatoon 2 crashes when trying to view your past record after playing several Pair and Team League Battle rounds in a row. Nintendo has confirmed the bug and have said that they are looking into a fix. Luckily, the game save file is not changed or corrupted after the crash.

  • TumbleSeed’s “4 Peaks Update” has gone live on Switch. This is the patch that adds new modes, adjusts the difficulty, and much more.

  • The first season of Minecraft Story Mode is coming to Switch on August 22

  • After Walmart cancelled all SNES Classic preorders last week, Nintendo has confirmed players will be able to officially preorder the mini console at various retailers later this month.

  • Cave Story + received a fresh update that brings back the title’s original graphics. Co-op is still being worked on.


  • If a lot of long circulating reports are to be believed, it looks like Spotify will be heading to Xbox One as it’s exclusivity with PlayStation has ended.

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  • Starting Tuesday August 8th, and ending on August 29th, Overwatch is bringing back the Summer Games event that launched their event schedule last year.

  • Corey Gaspur, a Bioware veteran who worked on everything from Sonic Chronicles to the Mass Effect trilogy, has died. He had most recently been working as the lead designer on Anthem. Our thoughts are with his friends and family.

  • If you use foul or hateful language in Rocket League, you may find yourself banned. The developers have come up with twenty words they deem are bad enough to justify taking action against. Bans will start at 24 hours then ramping it up to 72 hours, followed by a week and ultimately a lifetime ban on the account.

  • More official Pokémon GO events have been delayed following the disastrous festival we reported on in Chicago a couple weeks ago

  • Ark: Survival Evolved has been pushed back a few weeks to August 29 from August 8.

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