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Throughout the week we get all kinds of stuff in our Pixelrater inboxes. Usually it’s various press releases, sometimes it’s fishy spam and virus-laden Word documents, and other times it’s an indie dev looking to spread the word of their (usually) mobile game. But every now and then we get something we didn’t expect, and […]

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Our friends @NTDOPowerCouple show off five of their favorite things about #Spatoon2! We can't wait! 🦑 youtube.com/watch?v=yhHkKg…
Nex Machina: A Death Machine Review pixelrater.com/nex-machina-a-… pic.twitter.com/cuTnAviK3D
We have more details on the #Ataribox straight from @atari. Read on to learn more! pixelrater.com/the-ataribox-w…

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