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The Dark Side of Battlefront 2

UPDATE: DICE’s Executive Producer John Wasilczyk has posted a statement on ea.com after today’s outcry: “Change will be a constant in Battlefront 2”. A Reddit AMA is scheduled for this Wednesday to address concerns with a few of the lead developers. One of the immediate changes that has been implemented is the length of time/number […]

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E3 2017 Roundup Part 2

Ubisoft Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is out August 29 for Switch The Crew 2 was announced and will feature more than just cars with dirt bikes, ATVs, and planes added. It's coming in 2018 with availability to sign up for beta access South Park: The Fractured Butt Whole will (finally) release November 17 a [...]
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E3 2017 Roundup Part 1

EA A Way Out new co-op game from the makers of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons can play local split-screen or online with a friend expected early 2018 stars two prison inmates named Leo and Vincent Star Wars: Battlefront 2 beta will begin in the fall and release on November 11, 2017 those who [...]
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E3 Trailers, Promises and Teasers Compilation´╗┐

As E3 rolls forward, the biggest names in gaming have come with the big guns. New IP, reboots of franchises and long awaited sequels. We thought it would be nice to show off all the reveal trailers and teasers in one spot, and refer to this archived post in the future for a compare/contrast of […]

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EA Debuts Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Gameplay Trailer

EA released the first trailer showing gameplay from the hotly anticipated sequel to the original Mirror\’s Edge from last generation. I always loved the idea but wasn\’t sold on the execution. Mirror\’s Edge Catalyst looks fluid with fun gameplay and fast action. As of writing the game is set to launch shortly after the birthday […]

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